Learn something new — February

As March 1st is winding down, I present you with my “Learn Something New Everyday” for February! Woohoo.

  1. There is a frog called the “harlequin toad.” It’s kinda like a poison dart frog and they’re really pretty.
  2. Pseudopod is having a flash fiction contest.
  3. The guy who coined the term “dinosaur” was Sir Richard Owen.
  4. There is a piercing known as the dolphin piercing. It looks pretty neat. (a piercer we happen to know did one and posted a photo of it on Facebook, being curious as to what it was called, I looked it up and found a piercing forum. Apparently it’s not done very often)
  5. There is a Peeps dog shirt! (Rita the Naked Pitbull has a photo on her Facebook page)
  6. Never buy the 24oz/1lbs package of large Milkbones if you’ve got 4 dogs over 30lbs. It didn’t even last a day and a half. (it was also on sale for $1.69, which was why I had gotten it)
  7. Wolfgang Puck Mocha coffee-drink tastes like Yoohoo with a hint of coffee flavoring. I will stick with the regular and the vanilla.
  8. Dan Aykroyd is the guy behind Crystal Skull Vodka! This is awesome (and I’m kind of not surprised)
  9. Apparently Peter Davison will be going with a select group of people will be visiting the Star (it’s the biggest thing Roanoke’s “known” for.)
  10. Apparently “consumed” is now used instead of “used” (ran across a website that had a counter which stated “Plastic bags consumed this year” that had hit a few hundred thousand. It had nothing to do with the plastic bags that sea life consume because they think it’s jellyfish)
  11. Billie Holliday had a pitbull! [https://strangernightmare.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/1947billieholidayboxermisterthedownbeatwest52ndst.jpg Yes, he does look more like a boxer, but at this point in bully-breed history, he could still be considered a pitbull, kind of like how Sgt. Stubby was considered a pitbull]
  12. After 12 years of wear and tear, the strap on my camo messenger bag ripped off. Two large safety pins made for an ok fix until I could bring the messenger bag home. Weird to know that a little messenger bag I got from Claire’s lasted a lot longer than the 2 that I bought 3 years ago (both of which lasted maybe 6 months each)
  13. Dolly Parton has a program called “Imagination Library” that is now available in Kentucky. This is really awesome.
  14. The people who lived in this house before us built part of a wall over some moulding. If we take the moulding off, the wall comes down. Fantastic. (they also made a piece of drywall for moulding)
  15. Terry Deary (author of Horrible Histories) fully believes that libraries are “no longer relevant.” Talk about someone who lives under a rock.
  16. Build A Bear is getting an Autism Awareness bear! (March 27th!)
  17. Never lay tile and grout with your bare hands.
  18. Ommegang Brewery will be releasing a Game of Thrones themed ale and it will be available in 23 locations within 10 miles of us. (and it will be coming out on March 31st! Same day as Season 3 premieres!)
  19. A Game of Thrones exhibit will be available for the public in New York City March 28 to April 3 with the chance of sitting on a replica of the Iron Throne.
  20. Trying to cancel a gym membership is almost damn-near impossible. (they also refuse to cancel via phone)
  21. Skulls Unlimited also has a museum! (The Museum of Osteology) How awesome is that!
  22. Jim Jones regularly did suicide drills. That’s…really fucked up. (source: film “Witness to Jonestown,” 2008. It is currently on Netflix insta-watch.)
  23. Frances Glessner Lee created these things currently known as “nutshells” which are extremely detailed dioramas of crime scenes that ultimately helps detective become better. There is a documentary about it on Netflix (called “Of Dolls and Murder”). They are really fascinating and I would love to go see one.
  24. There is a glitch in Skyrim where, if positioned correctly, you can drop a pot or a basket on top of a shopkeeper and it will cover their head. This enables you to be able to steal from them without getting punished.
  25. Apparently Nine Inch Nails is reuniting and reinventing themselves for a summer tour. I will…probably not look into this upcoming album.
  26. Apparently my Doctor Who scarf looks like it’s something bought from a store (damn, I must’ve done something right when knitting this thing)
  27. Even though I was excited to try out the French Knitter, this thing is a pain in the ass.
  28. If your dog has tummy issues, don’t feed them cooked squash.

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