Projects, projects, projects

(wasting the 20 minutes it takes to get from our house to Rhonda and Allen’s new house and their unloading times before they come back)

So! Projects. It’s not the normal “I’mma craft!” projects, it’s DIY/home improvement projects.

The other night, Jamie and I hit Lowe’s to grab everything we needed for the dog’s room. Paint, cement backer board, tile, etc. While we love the fact that that room is hardwood floors, the people who lived here before us let someone walk around with a paint brush and drop gobs of white paint all over the floor. Then, instead of cleaning it up, they said fuck it, and installed carpet.

Yesterday, I spent time attempting to get the borders off the walls because A) they were over 1/2″ off the floor and 2) we’re putting tile down anyway so chances are they’d need to be moved. The first piece, I found, was a piece of drywall that was nailed to the wall. It was hiding where they’d…done something, like sectioning off the living room into two rooms, and filled the bottom 6 inches with chunks of drywall. Rwar.

The next peice was just as nice. They built that part of the wall over top of the border and, as luck would have it, it’s supporting the part of the wall that has the door in it. Super.

The corner piece had a nail going into both pieces, but in the opposite direction. The corner peice was this way: < and the nail was this way: )

How they managed this, I have no idea, but because of this, I split part of the wood that was used as a “cover” to “hide” the seam in the stand-out closet. Joy.

The next piece of border was, surprise surprise, going the entire length of the room and the wall to the closet was cut so that it could set over top of it. Now I get to find out how I’m going to rip these out. One of the other walls is like this and the last wall has finishing nails and some sort of cement nail thingies in them so it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how they got finishing nails in the cement/concrete/sheet-rock/whatever it is that are the walls for that room. We can’t get a masonry bit to go in there to install screws, but they got finishing nails in there?

I gave up, and worked on painting. So about 85-90% of the painting for the walls is done (I’ll have to do the borders for the closets, door frame, and window sills too). I have no idea how to get these bits of borders up.

Not only did I get to do that, I worked on cleaning the house, doing dog-laundry, worked on Jamie’s food (because his diet changed again), moved some stuff around for easier access for Rhonda and Allen when they came back today, pulled apart the recliner so it could be moved, moved the wine rack so I could move their bed frame. And then, when Jamie got home, we moved the tile, mortar, grout, and cutter into the side room but left the backer board in the car.

It’s been hectic, it’s been non-stop.

But, on the plus side, when everything gets moved out (and now that we moved the dog-gate to the kitchen door frame), I get to let the dogs go nuts upstairs while I work on painting their room.

It’s going to look awesome when we’re done.


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