No pressure

It seems like there’s just a lot going on lately. I want to write about things and by the time I sit down to do so, I say fuck it and go play a game or just surf the web.

Game of Thrones season 3 premieres on March 31st and I have not read Feast for Crows yet. Jamie is hell-bent on me reading Feast before the premiere, but I haven’t felt like reading any books the past couple weeks. It’s really weird.

Jamie’s also damned and determined to rip out the flooring in the dog’s room and install ceramic tile. This way it’ll be easier clean-up and we won’t have to look at the large blobs of white paint that the morons who lived here before us splattered all over the floor. He’s also opting to rip out the floor-boarders (mainly because they’re about 2 inches off the floor because the idiots installed carpet and then put the boarder up half-assed) and re-paint. He hates the colour I wanted in there (because it was originally my craft room and I wanted orange)

I heard on Pseudopod where they’re accepting submissions for a flash fiction contest and I was thinking about submitting one of my stories. I read over it and I think it’s pretty neat, but I don’t know if I’d consider it horror. I gave Jamie a breif synopsis of it and he went “…yeah, it’s horror.” so I’m asking a friend to read over it and see what she thinks. I have to cut a minimum of 40 words and I was thinking about hacking apart the first part. The second part is pretty neat so I don’t want to do much with it unless the first part goes sideways.



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