a list of stuff

Some things!

I have learned that if you are going to tile a floor, get a pair of gloves that are not your regular DIY-work gloves. Jamie ruined his pair and I went without gloves. Going without gloves is a bad idea. I also learned that those goofy yellow dish-washing gloves would be a great idea for the 2+ hours of cleaning the tiles and wiping the gunk off of them. My hands are extremely dry while Jamie’s hands are bright red from the grout that he had to mix by hand at one point (his bare hand). Apparently you can be allergic to grout when it’s wet and stuff.

After about 5 days, the bedroom is done (save for the painting of the door frames and window sills, but fuck it, it’s the dog’s room, we can deal. this way, it looks like they’re living in a cartoon chick and I am easily amused). The dogs are back in their bedroom and Firefly has no idea what is going on. While Bug and Izzy fly into the room, Fly slowly walks in like she’s expecting to either be dunked in the tub (the bathroom has ceramic tiling as well) or she’s going to fall.

I went to cut on the little space heater only to find it make unnerving noises (it sounded like it was dripping, which is bad because it’s one of those plug in ones that’s an oil-style so you can leave it on for a couple hours, unplug it and it’ll keep heating for a few more hours). I cut it off and a couple hours later, I went to cut it on while the dogs were outside playing and found that the lights weren’t coming on and there was no heat. Well, damn. I don’t know what happened. I’ll have to try it out again later on.

Because we spent so much time trying to get this project done, Jamie ended up spending a few hours trying to clean the rest of the house while I was at work the other day. And then not everything was done.

So, today, I’ve gotten 2 loads of laundry done (one of dog stuff, one of our stuff–our stuff is in the dryer now), cooked Jamie’s hamburger, set his chicken out to thaw, and am working on his mass of potatoes. I cleaned out the dust and bits from the craft room now that the dogs are out and brought down some of my craft things (there are still a few more plastic grocery bags that we’ve stuffed with things that need to go downstairs) and decided to deal with the drafting table later (most likely tomorrow), and did the dishes. And I watered the plants.

The advice on putting rocks in plants that cats can reach works really well. Snooch attempted to dig into the rocks the first night, but he hasn’t bothered it since. So yay, this means no more getting up and finding out the stupid cat has pooed in the ficus.

I still need to work on Jamie’s fish (possibly steak, I have no idea and Jamie said he wasn’t sure what he needed), pull out our laundry (and look for hangers. I have the suspicion I may need to buy some more because the dog stuff had to be hung up), finish the potatoes, finish taking all my craft stuff into the basement, make dog treats, find Grant and Emily’s scarves (oh crap, I should go do that).

The fridge has been moved (it was a pain in the ass to bring into the house, we had to take the doors off and fight with it) and works really well, the wine rack has been moved to where the old fridge used to be.

I feel like there was more, but I can’t remember. I need to go look for those scarves because we’ll be seeing Emily tonight and I need to make sure I can get some photos of them before I get them to her.

Chances are, it’s because there has been so much to do and we’d been going pretty much non-stop for days, that I feel like there is still so much more to do.


Projects, projects, projects

(wasting the 20 minutes it takes to get from our house to Rhonda and Allen’s new house and their unloading times before they come back)

So! Projects. It’s not the normal “I’mma craft!” projects, it’s DIY/home improvement projects.

The other night, Jamie and I hit Lowe’s to grab everything we needed for the dog’s room. Paint, cement backer board, tile, etc. While we love the fact that that room is hardwood floors, the people who lived here before us let someone walk around with a paint brush and drop gobs of white paint all over the floor. Then, instead of cleaning it up, they said fuck it, and installed carpet.

Yesterday, I spent time attempting to get the borders off the walls because A) they were over 1/2″ off the floor and 2) we’re putting tile down anyway so chances are they’d need to be moved. The first piece, I found, was a piece of drywall that was nailed to the wall. It was hiding where they’d…done something, like sectioning off the living room into two rooms, and filled the bottom 6 inches with chunks of drywall. Rwar.

The next peice was just as nice. They built that part of the wall over top of the border and, as luck would have it, it’s supporting the part of the wall that has the door in it. Super.

The corner piece had a nail going into both pieces, but in the opposite direction. The corner peice was this way: < and the nail was this way: )

How they managed this, I have no idea, but because of this, I split part of the wood that was used as a “cover” to “hide” the seam in the stand-out closet. Joy.

The next piece of border was, surprise surprise, going the entire length of the room and the wall to the closet was cut so that it could set over top of it. Now I get to find out how I’m going to rip these out. One of the other walls is like this and the last wall has finishing nails and some sort of cement nail thingies in them so it’s a pain in the ass.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how they got finishing nails in the cement/concrete/sheet-rock/whatever it is that are the walls for that room. We can’t get a masonry bit to go in there to install screws, but they got finishing nails in there?

I gave up, and worked on painting. So about 85-90% of the painting for the walls is done (I’ll have to do the borders for the closets, door frame, and window sills too). I have no idea how to get these bits of borders up.

Not only did I get to do that, I worked on cleaning the house, doing dog-laundry, worked on Jamie’s food (because his diet changed again), moved some stuff around for easier access for Rhonda and Allen when they came back today, pulled apart the recliner so it could be moved, moved the wine rack so I could move their bed frame. And then, when Jamie got home, we moved the tile, mortar, grout, and cutter into the side room but left the backer board in the car.

It’s been hectic, it’s been non-stop.

But, on the plus side, when everything gets moved out (and now that we moved the dog-gate to the kitchen door frame), I get to let the dogs go nuts upstairs while I work on painting their room.

It’s going to look awesome when we’re done.

No pressure

It seems like there’s just a lot going on lately. I want to write about things and by the time I sit down to do so, I say fuck it and go play a game or just surf the web.

Game of Thrones season 3 premieres on March 31st and I have not read Feast for Crows yet. Jamie is hell-bent on me reading Feast before the premiere, but I haven’t felt like reading any books the past couple weeks. It’s really weird.

Jamie’s also damned and determined to rip out the flooring in the dog’s room and install ceramic tile. This way it’ll be easier clean-up and we won’t have to look at the large blobs of white paint that the morons who lived here before us splattered all over the floor. He’s also opting to rip out the floor-boarders (mainly because they’re about 2 inches off the floor because the idiots installed carpet and then put the boarder up half-assed) and re-paint. He hates the colour I wanted in there (because it was originally my craft room and I wanted orange)

I heard on Pseudopod where they’re accepting submissions for a flash fiction contest and I was thinking about submitting one of my stories. I read over it and I think it’s pretty neat, but I don’t know if I’d consider it horror. I gave Jamie a breif synopsis of it and he went “…yeah, it’s horror.” so I’m asking a friend to read over it and see what she thinks. I have to cut a minimum of 40 words and I was thinking about hacking apart the first part. The second part is pretty neat so I don’t want to do much with it unless the first part goes sideways.


Learn Something New Everyday – January

A couple of years ago, I decided to make a list of one little thing I learned that day and see how long I could get. At the end of this past December, I decided to try it again and see what would happen. The main difference between this time and last time was posting it in month-long chunks instead of doing a 1-5 day update and hope like hell I remembered something. I had also decided to stick with the basic concept: it doesn’t have to be something I go out and search for, it can be extremely mundane (e.g. something about the dogs) or it can be something I just happen to come across (because I do love jumping into some internet rabbit-holes). The only new “rule” is that I either post up the month-chunk on A) the last day of the month or B) the first of the following month.

And here’s that first month-chunk::


1. Andy was on Taboo (the NatGeo series) twice!

2. There really are people who have never read anything by Edgar Allen Poe. This includes “The Raven” (which is pretty much required reading in an English class at some point)

3. I’m better at keeping my opinions to myself when it comes to random people than I was. (beating someone with a book about a pitbull over animal cruelty would ruin the book, and I wanted to finish it)

4. I now know what “Mongo” means. Jamie was joking with Rhonda about something and mentioned that from now on we could just call him “Mongo,” which he meant in the not-so-nice way (mongo being short for mongoloid, the “ok” wording used until the early 1960s)

5. I can’t do double-sided embroidery by hand. Huh.

6. Ugly still will not go outside willingly for anything. Jamie opened the bedroom window without realizing that the screen was up, and left it open for about an hour or so. Ugly never went outside.

7. JoAnn’s Fabrics has 2 packages of buttons in my local store. They are just different sizes of the same type of “kid’s craft buttons!” in large sizes (the buttons, not the packages). If there are other buttons, I have no idea where they’re at and didn’t want to spend an hour looking to see if there were any black anchor buttons to see if I could get a replacement for my pea coat.

8. Palmer’s (the chocolate candy guys) have 2 pittie puppies as part of their puppy collection for the plastic heart tins! (they’ve also gotten an explosion of Thank You!s from pittie lovers, supporters, etc)

9. I have met my friend’s doppleganger. He works at my local Kroger and is a Whovian.

10. Apparently my Doctor Who Tom Baker scarf is nicer than the ThinkGeek one. (this is according to a girl who had to ask me if I made it and informed me that she bought her dad the TG one, but mine looks so much better)

11. Doing eyes and the “bendy bits” to make them move for 30 snakes takes for.ev.er. (roughly 3 hours)

12. Our vet said we could give Izzy-butt 3mg of melatonin a day to help fix hair loss. (she’s getting little bald patches on her haunches).

13. According to one of my co-workers, my dogs are “large” breed. (only when looking for sweaters). I found this hilarious.

14. It is possible to make a sweet potato melt. This I wasn’t expecting.

15. I got to learn how to work the register at work! (the thing about this job is you get trained as a cash-monkey last and are told you are not allowed near the registers until you get the training. It’s pretty cool and it was a nice break from being a cash-monkey)

16. “Wapi nyani leo?” means “Where are the baboons today?” in Swahili. (source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/2013/01/10/168878237/jared-diamond-a-new-guinea-campfire-and-why-we-should-want-to-speak-five-languag )

17. Izzy has traction in the snow! Well, at least better traction than she normally does on the patio or grass.

18. You have to have an Xbox Live account to use Microsoft Points. (even after we double checked and made sure you didn’t need one)

19. Giving a 255-character limit to describe your problem is really hard. The Xbox Live support on their website does this to you. (we have also learned: don’t rent films via Xbox Live because it will take your points and you will not get the film. Pain in the ass)

20. Nose stud retainers are a pain in the ass. At least the one I bought is because the damned thing’s all bendy.

21. Firefly is the copilot when I’m not around. This is adorable.

22. Watching the (new) Battlestar Galactica for the first time (what? I’m a fan of the original), Richard Hatch (Capt. Apollo from the original!) is in this as Tom Zarek. I almost got to meet him when I was a kid (what happened: my dad is a jackass)

23. There is a glass beach in California. It is really pretty and would be really cool to go experience. (source: http://twistedsifter.com/2013/01/glass-beach-mackerricher-park-fort-bragg-california/ )

24. Taking a bite of Ghiradelli dark chocolate with caramel and then taking a sip of Angry Orchard (traditional) ends up tasting like how rubbing alcohol smells. It was bizarre and unexpected.

25. The “Prophecy” game looks like a horror-fan’s Candyland. (Prophecy being the 1979 film that I was informed was really bad. I want to watch it)

26. You really can’t make a (tight) U-turn with a 26-ft Uhaul.

27. One of my co-workers (not the one who thinks my dogs are “large breed”) has never heard of Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail. She’s never even heard of Monty Python. Doing a shortened explaination of the joke of the Killer Bunny caused her eyes to widen as a look of shock/horror came over her face; her only response was “oh my god, that’s horrible.”

28. “Cure what ails you” is:  a mug with hot water, a “couple spoonfuls” of Country Time Lemonade, 1 shot of vodka, and a spoonful of honey. It tastes like Lemonheads. (source: http://kuec.libsyn.com/episode-105-starving-hysterical-naked-breadcrumbs ) Warning: KUEC is NSFW, especially if you are prone to laughing at inappropriate things (usually an Ursula Vernon story). If you are a fan of Ursula’s Dragonbreath series, do not let a kid under the age of 14 listen to this podcast. Personally, I love KUEC and will say nothing but great things about Kevin and Ursula, but I know there are some people who are out there who are sensitive to things and/or who do not want children of a certain age to hear certain things.

29. There is a syndrome known as “twitchy kitty disease.” (it’s feline hyperethesia syndrome.)

30. You can find the entirety of The Bill Engvall Show on Youtube. I was easily entertained for a while.

31. ThinkGeek has a plush chestburster that is almost as long as I am tall. It is 48″ and I am 62″ (5’2″)