a day

It’s been a fairly busy week that will stretch into a fairly busy few more weeks. We’ve got cleaning, re-arranging the house, helping Rhonda and Allen clean and re-arrange stuff in their new house.

I’ve been working on Rhonda’s blanket and have come to the conclusion that
A) the thing on the label is a lie
2) I’m going to need more yarn because the thing on the label is a lie

There are usually little bits on the label that say “pattern for such-n-such inside!” and it will tell you how many skeins you will need for that project on the outer part of the label. This one says that if you crochet the blanket, starting from the inside (and doing the granny-square style, which I do not know how to do) you will need 1 ball of yarn. Particularly, this one, 10.5 oz ball of yarn. If you knit the blanket, with the knitting needles that are attached by the plastic tubing and start at the corner, you need 2 10.5 oz balls of yarn.

But, it is for a baby blanket and those things are usually 30″ x 35″

I, however, am attempting a normal “throw” size blanket that should be 50″ x 60″. So, going by what’s on the label, I should probably need 3, maybe 4, balls of this type of yarn (Bernat Baby Blanket. This is really soft yarn). I only have two “balls” of this yarn (because that’s what happens when the store has all their yarn 25% off and you randomly get a coupon for 25% off your purchase and the store’s yarn, while an amazing selection, is pretty picked over) and this yarn is not cheap. Not overly expensive either (like the bamboo yarn. I really want to get me some of that to play with. It’s $7-$9 for 2 or 3 oz)

My guess is, I’ll be needing at least 4-6 more “balls” of this yarn. So the blanket will be taking a bit more time to finish than earlier anticipated.


Ugly has a vet appointment this morning. He was set to go last night, but they ran into a few emergencies (which they apologized profusely for. I love that they will take in emergencies [it’s how Bug was saved from whatever she’s got], but there’s no need to apologize to us. we know emergencies happen and it’s all good). I asked if we could reschedule because he’d been in his carrier for about an hour (transport and then waiting), used it as a litterbox, and was very unhappy (and Jamie was dead on his feet). We were able to reschedule for this morning. If it were something really serious, like the time he decided he was not using the litterbox for a couple days, we would’ve stayed. But, we think it’s stress-related. He’s pulled a chunk of fur out near the base of his tail and we just want to make sure he’s ok. If it’s stress, we’ll work on rectifying the situation.


The monkeys are doing pretty good. Jamie’s got plans for remodeling their room ranging from a simple repaint to putting in a new floor and things in between.

I want to take a small break from knitting and do at least one other project that doesn’t involve knitting. Granted, I didn’t finish Bug’s tutu (it’s roughly half-finished) and it was a nice change of pace. But, I want to do something different like, I don’t know, write. Re-hash the little comic I had. Something. Not for a long time, just for a little bit since I’ve got a few knitting projects I want to do or get done.


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