bibliophile cleanings

While things are going a little…weird around the house (we’re going in one of those phases where we’re moving things around and planning what we’re going to be doing for each room.) Jamie and I decided that it’d be a good idea to go through our Monster bookshelf and get rid of some books.

The reasoning behind it was mainly that we’re going to be pulling it apart and attempting to reassemble it down in the basement where the craft room is going to be, and the bookshelf is approximately 7 feet tall while our ceiling hits maybe 6 feet. We also had a handful of books that we knew we wanted to get rid of because we didn’t like them (like the DAW anthologies we got years ago) or were just too outdated (like the economics textbook).

I figured we’d get rid of probably about 20-30 books and that would be a pretty good pile. But no, Jamie and I went through our Monster bookshelf and got rid of probably somewhere around 100-160 books.

While I hate getting rid of books, it was a nice clearing out. There were quite a few books that Jamie and I either picked and never read, acquired and didn’t care for, or started reading and just didn’t like. We love books and while one day we really want to have a room dedicated soley to them, it is currently not feasible in our house. Having two 5 1/2 feet bookshelves stuffed as well as a 3 ft high one with children’s books, a 7×9 bookshelf is kind of crazy to be stuffed with books. (oh, and the hutch, which has a shelf dedicated to cookbooks and home improvement books).

I’m never going to read “Heidi” or “Lorna Doone,” so there’s really no reason to keep those. Personally, I can’t read our copy of “The Lost World” (due to allergies. yay for being one of those people who has a reaction to the mold in older books), but there are also some that we will never part with (like my copy of Gross Goodies, our series of A Song of Ice and Fire, Jamie’s collection of UFO books).

I didn’t keep our copy of “The Devil Wears Prada” as I had originally intended on because the person that I was saving it for only wants to read books on his Nook lately (that’s fine with me, but why should I save a book for you if you don’t want to read a physical copy?).

I had thought about ripping apart books and using them as an “art” project, but that wouldn’t amount to much. While I don’t really have a problem doing it to magazines, but I was given a box of magazines to do something similar about three years ago and never did anything with them besides keep the box in a closet. If I’m not going to do an artsy type project with those magazines, what’re the chances of me getting around to gutting a book? And…it just seems weird to gut a book, no matter how terrible I think it is.

Jamie and I took the books that we pulled, ranging from children’s books to college text books, and went to a Goodwill drop box. If we had thought about it beforehand, we would’ve contacted our local chapter of AAUW and seen if we could’ve donated at least a good sized chunk of books to them for their annual OMG-Huge booksale (that we love and the ladies are so sweet). But we didn’t think about it until that morning and didn’t want a bunch of boxes of books just hanging out and taking up space right now.

Rhonda had gone with us when we dropped off the books and asked if we could drop off some clothes that she wanted to get rid of. It was this little…metal box that was like 6 ft tall, 4 ft wide, and maybe 4 ft long (if we were lucky), we couldn’t set the boxes of books inside, so we had to put them on this metal thing that kind of looked like we were at a giant mailbox. By the time we were done, Rhonda asked if we’d filled up the dropbox. We used up quite a bit of space in the little thing.

I looked at the bookshelf a little bit ago and it seems…weird. It’s odd to know that there are huge gaps on each shelf (ok, except for the one that has half of the original Goosebumps series). I don’t miss the books, but it just seems, I don’t know, unfinished because we have large gaps.
I’m sure we’ll fill up those gaps in the coming months. There are yardsales coming up and we may be able to hit the large booksale this year if I’m not scheduled to work. We’ll have that bookcase jam-packed again.


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