Pitbull is the copilot

Jamie decided to surprise me with the dogs last night. He managed to wrangle all four monkeys in by himself (it’s not all that hard because all the dogs are like “omg!car!riderideride!”) and headed over to wait for me to get off work. I had texted him to let him know that I was on my way out when he called to say that he had to park near the back of the lot. Heading over that way I noticed a face in the passenger seat.

I asked him if there was a dog in the car and his response was “Maybe…Possibly one. Or two. Maybe four.” And Bug’s head popped up in the back seat.

Firefly was in the passenger seat and did not want to leave her spot for anything, so I had to figure out how to get myself into the back without letting Bug or Izzy out (because Hobbes could care less. This wasn’t Home, this was some parking lot) and was immediately squashed by a very happy Bug and given many kisses by Izzy-butt.

Jamie told me that every time Firefly gets in the car and I’m not in the passenger seat, she climbs up and sits down. The other dogs don’t try to get in the passenger seat and she usually doesn’t try to do anything like snuffle around at the others while she’s in the front seat.

Jamie took the photo while waiting on me to get off work. Not the best in the world, but still adorable


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