Izzy’s “Layered Cake” tutu

Jamie and I never really thought we’d be the kind of people who would deck their dog out in pink, but then we got Izzy. Izzy looks adorable in pink, so she has a bright pink collar and pink leash. (she also has a pink hoodie for cold days)

I’ve seen tutus around (both locally and online) and, weirdly enough, it was one of those crazy-easy craft projects that I just did not want anything to do with at all. It seemed more of a headache than a fun little project.

About two weeks ago, my brain decided to go “Y’know, Izzy would look adorable in a pink tutu.” And then reminded me that Valentine’s day is coming up, so a dog in a tutu would be a really fun, cheesy idea for the whole Valentine’s thing.

While going to look for a new green for the Medusa hat, I decided to go ahead and get some tulle to see if I could do it. I was also at the point where I realized that if I did not stop knitting for at least one project, I would get burned out and not want to work on knitting for a while. I double checked with the Pitlandia tutorial for length of strips and how much of the elastic should be covered.

Instead of taking the time to unpack the sewing machine and set it up, I just went ahead and hand-stitched the elastic together. I didn’t put velcro on this to make it “easier” because Izzy is a wiggle-butt and half of the time does not want to wait for snaps, buttons, or velcro to get attached.

Wrapping around a notebook. This one happens to be one of the smaller notebooks from B&N (yay for sales), and because I have a terrible habit of not measuring things, this worked out wonderfully (the notebook is like 7 inches tall) and is perfect for pittie size.

One thing that I don’t remember hearing/reading was that cutting this is a pain.

Also pictured: Snooch. He decided that this weird stuff was a playtoy and wanted in on the action.

Halve it, loop it, and viola. Easy “knots” without having to worry about things going everywhere. Also, this is wrapped around my leg for stability because it is really frustrating trying to do this without something holding it down. (and: the disembodied hand is Jamie playing Skyrim)

Glitter: Herpes of the craft world.

One tube, rolled over the notebook and cut, causes enough glitter to show up on a black hoodie. There is glitter all over the house because of this, so beware. It’s worse than accidentally knocking over a container of glitter while the little holes in the top are open.

Light pink! This is about the time that I got the “brilliant” idea to make Izzy-butt a Layered Cake tutu, told Jamie, and we immediately started tossing ideas back and forth to have all the monkeys dressed as the characters. Jamie mentioned making Firefly a little Jayne hat.

Glitter, glitter everywhere.

I should’ve stopped here. It’s adorable.

Adding the white parts. Cute in theory, not so amazing in real life.

And finished!

Izzy-butt in the tutu. I’ve learned that I’ll need to adjust the elastic just a bit because it started falling off of her (as pictured here). It’s not that much of a problem, just a little change.

She did try to nibble the tutu and I had to be a little bit more careful because we are currently treating her eye for an abcess (because pit bulls don’t have breaks). She and Firefly ran into each other, full force, and slammed face first into one another. Izzy got a small cut under her eye because of it (which is the same place from the year before last when she ran full-force, misjudged, and slammed face first into the doorway). She’s fine, she’s happy and crazy and wiggly and is loving all the extra attention and peanut butter.

It was a fun little project to do and now I’m working on a little tutu for Bug. This one will be blue and only 2 colours instead of three. A friend of ours has said that I should make a matching tutu for Jamie. I want to do a Layered Cake tutu for myself, but do it in a way where it’ll be much easier to see the colour variations and no glitter. It’d be something fun and goofy to do and have.

I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to take Izzy on a walk and have her wear this.


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