Projects, projects

Strangely enough, after writing down the things that I really want to work on, I don’t have all that many projects to do. This doesn’t mean that they’re not time consuming (I’ll be making two blankets for the first time ever, one of which will be a bit more…in depth? than the other one).

I’m still working on the Medusa hat (see, is time consuming). I’ve got about 1/4 of the hat base done, 24 of the snake bases done, and I still need to put in the wire, the eyes, and possibly some tongues on the snakes. I also need to figure out how I am going to put these on, see if I can get Jamie to sit down for 10 minutes and use his head so I can make marks (err…put paperclips on) on the hat so I’ll know where to put the snakes.

I need to finish Grant’s scarf (I’ll be starting on row 40 of 160 and then I need to do the fringe). And because I need to finish Grant’s scarf, I need to fix Emily’s scarf (the fringe/tassels look a bit…scraggly) since Jamie and I will be seeing her on Tuesday. My hope is that maybe I’ll be able to get a photo of her wearing hers so I can show it off (if not, my backup plan is to do it myself).

And, to take a break from working on knitting, I’ve started working on Izzy-butt’s “Layered Cake” tutu. On the plus side, it’s pink so I had already bought the bright pink and light pink. The downside is, I didn’t buy white tulle so I’ll have to go out at some point and attempt to find some. My overall goal is to have this project done in time for Valentine’s day (inspiration for this: Palmer’s candy. These guys released one of their little heart-candy container things with pittie puppies on it for this year! How awesome is that! Last time I looked at their Facebook, they were still getting bombarded with Thank You!s from pitbull lovers, supporters, and owners)

Now, I want to make one of these things for myself (which has gotten Jamie and myself thinking about doing the Layered Cake and Captain Tightpants thing for Halloween instead of going as Cersei and Jaime) or simply finding someone who can make me a replica of the dress.

For these, I am taking photos as I go along, so I’m hoping to make posts after they’re done.

See, another goal is update the blog more often and make sure I do photo posts when I say I will.


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