Project List

Or: I’m going to drive myself back to sanity.

I want to write about some ideas I have for projects that I either (A) need to finish or (B) want to do. These will be the ones that I can think right off the top of my head for this post and will not include things like book and film reviews, learn something new, stories, etc.

Ok, it’s mainly yarn projects.

+ Medusa hat.
I had been working on the Medusa hat for a friend of ours, but Jamie and I both misplaced what I had done, so I’m re-starting it. On the plus side, our friend will now have some sparkly snakes. muwahahaha

+ Grant’s scarf
Grant loves Virginia Tech. I hate Virginia Tech (great school, amazing courses available, shit-tastic leadership among other things). But, I love my friends and therefore am willing to do things like knit a scarf with their favorite team’s colours (except the Eagles. I refuse to knit anything with their team colours)

+ Tina’s blanket
Tina went to Tech for college and Jamie and I had a nice idea of seeing if I could do something a little special for her. I am planning on knitting a tech-coloured blanket for her. My goal is to have it done and given to her before her dad dies.

+ Rhonda’s blanket
Rhonda found this yarn that she just fell in love with and said off-hand that if she were to ever have someone make her a blanket, she’d want that kind of yarn. The yarn she chose was about $5 per an 4oz skein. But, as I was perusing JoAnn’s today (in search of green yarn for the Medusa hat), I found the monster rolls of this yarn, asked her what colours she wanted (the sky blue, grey, and cream combo was what she chose) and bought the 2 rolls they had. They were on sale and it ended up being much cheaper to buy these two rolls than the…6-10 rolls of the 4oz ones I would’ve had to have gotten.

I made her speechless when I showed her the yarn.

+ Octopus
Our friend, who’s getting the Medusa hat, loves cepholapods. My goal is to make a large knit octopus and give it to him either by the time his birthday rolls around or the next Christmas.


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