So, it’s a new year already?

The holidays were interesting. I got a new job at a pretty cool place and was asked to stay on past my “yeah, you’re seasonal, so it’ll only be a couple weeks.” So I must be doing something good!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to hunker down and work on projects and finish projects. Not just say I’m going to.

I’ve also made a plan to re-start my “Learn something new every day” so my goal is to write it down and then do a monthly load onto here. It’d be fun. It’s basically going on the thoughts of “you learn something new every day” and it could be anything from learning that Jamie is not the most patient person in the world when it comes to attempting to teach him crochet (though, he did try again and he made the body of a fish for Mr Uggs). It can also be other things like, on Jan. 1st actually, I learned that Andy Matzner (an amazing guy we happen to know and I don’t think there is anyone who knows him who could even think of anything bad to say about him. He is that damn cool) was on the NatGeo show “Taboo” twice. And how fucking neat is that! Andy does a ton of stuff and even recently released a book (“The Buddha Diet“)

I got to see my mom on Christmas, so that was really awesome. She’s not in the best of health and dad (while I’m not thrilled with him) has been taking care of her which I’m glad for. Not a whole lot of people are ok with being told they’re no longer allowed to go into the basement or wash dishes, but they’ve worked it out and the dogs have become in-tune to mom. So far, she hasn’t gotten bored in her forced early retirement. The downside is, I forgot to give her the dvd we found her (Scooby Doo and Camp Scare).

As time is going on, I’m finding that I’m going through larger and more intricate (for me at least) knitting projects. I’m planning on doing a blanket for Tina (Jamie’s boss who is awesome and is also the same person who we got Miss Firefly from) and, after I finish this Medusa hat for our friend Lee, I’m wanting to see if I can make an octopus. Not like amigurimi sized, but a pretty decently sized cepholapod.

Now that the holidays are over, we haven’t met up with our friends AJ and April to do our traditional “We found this stuff, thought of you, so here!” gift dump. I’m hoping we can do it soonish, the only thing that’s in the way is finding a time where all of our schedules meet up. This also gives me time to do some embroidery work on the thing I made for April so it can be absolutely, completely awesome and complete.

I also brought up the idea of re-starting my comic. My original goal was to see if I could do it and post it for a year. I got close, but we ended up getting fairly busy and I stopped working on it. Things moved around and things happened, so I’ve been toying with the idea again. I want to do a couple character updates and maybe clean up some of the older work. It also hasn’t helped all that much that, now that I’m not really writing ideas down, stuff pops up that would be hilarious to me in the comic.

Also: Jamie bought me a Dalek plushie (it says “You would make a good Dalek.” and “Exterminate!”) and I happened to find a “Save the Daleks!” t-shirt on sale. I am a happy little Whovian.


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