A fairly easy holiday

This holiday has been fairly easy. While we did go out on Christmas Eve to grab a few last minute items, most of them were normal groceries.

The dogs were able to get their goodies and devoured the Busy Bones (yogurt version) within minutes. They spazzed over their special little toys and had fun, which made it a nice start to the day. Jamie and Rhonda had agreed to go ahead and do our Christmas on Christmas Eve, so we did our little bid of insanity last night.

Jamie and I wasted a bit of time this morning before heading up to his grandmother’s house so we could give her her present as well as drop of Fred and Jenny’s. We got Jamie’s grandmother a book on chickens, made a gift basket of coffee stuff for Jenny, and gave Fred some of his favorite foodstuffs (like peanut butter and Ritz crackers). I got one of those earmuff/wrap things and Jamie got a neat wolf painting.

Now Jamie’s got a headache and I’ve got to go and take the dogs out.

It’s been an average Roanoke Christmas. Rainy and cold last night, coldish and overcast today.


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