What have I gotten myself into?

I accepted two jobs.

I started Job A this past Thursday and it’s going alright. After my first day, I started over-analyzing things and having enormous bouts of self-doubt. Things are going a bit better so things are going alright.

I had my orientation for Job B this evening. I was supposed to have my first day on this coming Wednesday, but that’s not going to be happening. Thankfully the main manager was doing the orientation and was cool with working around Job A. The downside is that the scheduling she did was in the middle of all my shifts for Job A except for this coming Thursday. We discussed it and she’s cool with me just being there for Thursday and I wrote down my next week’s schedule for Job A so she could have a copy of it.

For Job B, she’s offered to “make up” any difference between what Job A has me scheduled and a regular 40-hour work week because she doesn’t want to work me to death. It’s going to be weird as I’ve never done this type of work before, but it’ll be interesting.

Job B is more of a long-term thing while Job A is…I don’t know.

I keep getting mixed information for Job A. I was informed that it would be temporary and that I should expect to stay with them until “January. Ish.” Then, I got information of “since you’ll be here, you’ll get this work shirt” (instead of the one I have right now) and a breif mention of “you’ll be here at least 90 days.” Before turning around and doing the temporary thing, then telling me I’ll be getting my own locker.

It’s really weird and I don’t know exactly what to expect, and I let the manager at Job B know about the flip-flopping I keep getting for Job A. I fully intend on letting whomever know what goes on. And, because I keep getting this back-and-forth thing, I’m banking on staying until “January-ish” because then I’m not going to be getting too involved and no matter what, I won’t get disappointed.


Now I’m just glad I made some new inserts for my organizer. This way I can stay on top of this insanity as I go along.


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