Cat-filled Adventur

On Saturday, we took Mr Uggs to the vet because his skin was dry and he wasn’t acting very much like himself. We were told it may have been an allergen, his heart murmur is “barely even a one” on their scale, and he’s ok to take predisone to help with his wheezing. We were also given a pump container of Omega-3 to squirt on his food.

He wouldn’t touch his food if the Omega-3 stuff was on it, and he begrudgingly took his predisone (because we found the pill-shooter). But, he still wasn’t acting like himself. Uggs did stop his licking/nipping if you scritched part of his back, but he wasn’t eating all that much nor drinking as much as he normally does. And he wasn’t being very active.

Jamie woke up in the middle of the night, cleaned his litter box, and by the time we’d gotten up a few hours later, Uggs still hadn’t used his box. So, call the vet’s office, head over to the vet and Ugly pees in his carrier as soon as we sit down. They go to try to get a sample to run a urinalysis on him, but they couldn’t get enough. They filled his bladder to make sure he could pee and we got discharged after instructions of “empty and wash the litter box, put this stuff in it and as soon as he pees, gather it back up into this container (it looks like one of the pee cups at human-doctor offices) and bring it back. If he pees when we’re closed, stick it in the fridge and then bring it over as soon as you can.”

He peed in his carrier on the puppy pad they put in there while we were in the car on the way home. (because that’s how Mr Ugly rolls)

So, I bring him in, let him out of the carrier and go empty out the litter box. Spent some time washing the box, apologized to Rhonda for throwing more dirty laundry down the basement steps, and dumped these little tiny black pellets into the clean, dry litter box. Ugly looked at it and gave me the “are you kidding me?” look and proceeded to spend his time walking around, looking out the window, and being his normal Ugly self.

By 6 pm last night, he still hadn’t peed so I had to call the vet and ask what to do. I was informed that it’s most likely that he’s being stubborn and holding it in. I was also told that if he doesn’t pee overnight, then to bring him back in and they’ll keep him for observation, re-fill his bladder, and make him pee.

So, as soon as the vet’s office opens this morning, we’ll be there to check him in. He’s eating normal and drinking a bit, but still no litter box usage. Jamie thought it might be because he’s picky about his litter. But I really don’t know. We both worry about him and want to make sure he’s alright.

Now to go set up his carrier and wait for the right moment to take him to it.


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