So I’ve learned…

Things lately.

Jamie’s pointed out that lately I’ve been sounding like everything’s pissing me off and I haven’t really noticed. Last night I realized I sounded super pissed when I was explaining which remote to use for the television. I apologized to Rhonda for it and I know being tired and getting to clean up broken glass while trying to keep a cat and a dog from getting into it is no excuse.

But, it really came to a head this morning. I got a phone call for something and right off the bat, the person calling me was hateful and, simply, a fucking bitch. I understand this woman is under a deal of stress, but she didn’t handle the conversation well and it caused me to start screaming right back at her. I had to start yelling to get her to shut up long enough to attempt to explain something (dealing with paperwork) and eventually she continued to marinate in her hissy fit, rudely proclaimed she’d be calling  someone to “verify” what I had just said, and hung up on me. Yay. Jamie calmly explained that both she and I did not take it well and Rhonda calmly listened to me while I went off on a verbal rampage in the living room.

I’m a bit more calm, but my headache has come back and I just really don’t want to deal with this again.

I’ve learned that our NES and the FC3 that we’re borrowing from Fred (the FC3, not the NES) are not compatible with the television. The NES did a spectacular job of trying its hardest to boot up properly while the FC3 only had its little green light notating SNES chosen showing.  This means that we are unable to play our NES and SNES games and I am sorely disappointed. I wanted to play Duck Hunt goddamnit.

While I was trying to set it up, Rhonda asked if we were going to “get one of those dance games” for the Xbox. I had to explain that those kinds of games require the Kinect and while it would be a lot of fun, that accessory is kind of expensive. She said that she’d really want to try one out one day, so who knows. One day we may get a Kinect and Rhonda and I will have a fun time being dorks.

Now I’m kind of meh about trying to see if the Sega will work or even the Playstation. If the Sega doesn’t work, then that means no more Stimpy’s Invention and if the Playstation doesn’t work, that means no more Mean Bean Machine.  I just don’t want to deal with attempting to set up these consoles right now.

On a lighter note: we’ve almost beaten Skylanders. There are a few things we haven’t gotten through on some of the levels, we haven’t found all of the hats or soul gems or treasure chests or scrolls, but we have completed the…doohickie and our next mission is to go off and defeat Kaos. Kaos is pretty much like listening to an episode of Invader Zim when Zim has gone off on one of his speeches. The only difference is that the gremlin dude who plays his minion (and looks like Dobby) does not sound like Gir and does not go off about things like liking Tacos or The Doom Song. The Doom Song would’ve made it more hilarious.

I have also learned that listening to random YouTube videos and knitting while still highly irritated help calm me down so I don’t feel like smashing things with the sledgehammer (like I wanted to do earlier with the NES and Jamie asked nicely for me to not do that)


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