Crafting and holidays: great ways to make a Manders go crazy

– I am attempting to force myself to write more in hopes that I will A) work on updating, fixing, and writing book and film reviews so I can stick them elsewhere. and B) actually work on story ideas instead of just doing some basic research in hopes of making it believable.


It’s that time of year again. The people have inhaled something to make them fucking batshit insane and mostly rude. Jamie and I became one of those people on Thanksgiving and found ourselves at Walmart. 90% of the people we encountered were pretty cool and much more level-headed than I had expected and we went home with an Xbox 360 and two boxes of Rubbermaid tupperwares. The Xbox came with a game (Spyro’s Adventures: Skylanders) that also came with the portal and 3 Skylanders (Spyro, Trigger Happy, and Gill Grunt) and a free month of Xbox Live, which works out great because apparently Skylanders requires Xbox live.

This is a goofy as hell game, but it’s really fun. We ended up getting another Skylander (Drobot) to even things out for when two of the three guys die and that means we can both play for a little bit longer. Jamie and I have been playing for about an hour or two every night before bed and right now I’m currently loathing every time we have to go into the Underworld because of the highly detailed arachnids that they made for this game (I applaud the designers and the artists on this game). I am just really glad I’m not a little kid who’s highly arachnophobic because I would’ve just died of fright. But, Kaos, our bad guy, is voiced by the same guy who did Zim and it just cracks the both of us up.

And now I get to crafting.

Because I am broke and have two things in large quantities (time and yarn), my brilliant self has decided to make things for people instead of having to worry about what to buy them.

On the one hand, this is a great idea! My mom loves when I make things for her, our friend AJ gets excited over made things, and it seems like there’s a little more effort in something that’s made. On the other hand, this is a…not so great idea. While the list of people to make things for is not as long as it would’ve been, it’s still a lot of people. Then, I’ve got 4 people noted down for one kind of thing and 3 people for another kind of thing. There are four people who are not getting something that are slightly the same as a few other people.

This brought me to the realization that, right now, I do not have the amount of yarn needed for these projects. I figured it up yesterday that I will be needing about 25-30 skeins of yarn, 7 of which needs to be hunted down and set to rigourous rubbing in search of the softest, no-scratchy yarn. I started to stress a little bit more. Not only do I have a set time to get these done by, but now I’m at the realization that holy cow I need a lot of yarn.

Jamie pointed out that he’d help me get some yarn that I need, so now I am working on a different knitting project in hopes that it will turn out decent so I can work on an idea for someone I need to make something for.

I like making things for people. I find it a lot of fun. But, I wish I had realized earlier than last week that I really needed to get this shit done.

So now I am going back to making long, tubey yarn-snakes (I’m on number 4 of 5) and listening to podcasts so I don’t fixate on my interview later on in the day


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