Getting shit done

This weekend was a weekend of Getting Things Done. And then Jamie really wanted to have a baking day, which turned into a mad dash to Get Things Done and ohmigodBaking!

We did normal house-things, like realizing that we really need a new ladder and there is currently no safe way for either of us to smoosh or nail back a couple pieces of siding. I realized that our garage is kind of like a TARDIS while we pulled 95% of stuff out of it so we could re-arrange things, sweep up, throw down poison (I hate throwing down poison, but it’s either that or Rhonda and Allen finding dead mice in their dresser and/or freezer that we have stored there), throw some things away, and rearrange things so that we could actually find stuff.

Jamie did a mix of mowing part of the back yard to moosh up all of the leaves that our Walnut tree has finally decided to drop, but it never occurred to us to work on trimming some of the branches because they’re getting over the house. While we both love this tree and it’s awesomeness, neither of us want any part of this tree to fall and break the house. Jamie sucked up some leaves with the leaf blower (ours is cool, it’s got a bag to compost them!) around the fence and house, I raked up a good portion of leaves from the Dogwood in the front yard and made a mental note that when I have the money I really need to buy a pair of hand pruning sheers because the tree needs a little trimming up.

I raked out the area between our original fence (this little metal thing that was put in by someone between 1930 and 1960-something, our neighbor says it was there when they moved in) and our neighbor on that side and us have agreed it’d be better if someone pulled it up and replaced it. We’ve gotten into a polite debate as to who is going to do it (it’s hilarious) and over the summer we put up a new area of 6ft fence to make the backyard area bigger for the monkeys. I found out one of  my containers of “the spray thingy comes with the giant bottle!” has had something happen to it to where the spray thingy doesn’t work, so I just opened the bottle and poured the weed/grass/poison ivy killer all through that area. We have a concentrated bottle of another brand that works a lot better for around the house.

Then I did the bi-annual spraying of the Ortho Insects-Stay-Out spray around the house and had to make sure that Rhonda did not take Mr Poedog outside while the stuff was drying. Poe was going insane having to wait the time needed, but the stuff dried and he became a very happy pomeranian.

Then we baked.

All together, we made:

pumpkin cheesecake, red velvet cheesecake (that Jamie was not happy with at all), pumpkin muffins with cinnamon chips, strawberry shortcake, almond short bread cookies, pumpkin cookies for humans, pumpkin cookies for dogs, peanut butter dog cookies, strawberry no-bake cheesecake (that Jamie found out will melt within an hour if not refridgerated), red velvet cheesecake brownies, pumpkin waffles with apple cider syrup (home made syrup! holy cow I made syrup! pain in the ass), fruitcake (because Allen wanted to buy one of those little tiny $4 fruit cake blocks that come out every year), apple pie, and probably other things I can’t think of right now.

Holy crap it’s a lot of stuff. I’m surprisingly low on my cinnamon stash.

I had planned on helping Jamie make some stuff for work and make some pumpkin cookies for one of our friends. I made a batch last year and he loved them to the point of he had all but one, his wife had the one remaining one, and their kids only got to hear about how great and amazing they were. Then we found out that his wife had been the person who had gotten hit by a drunk that our friends were telling us at their “let’s hang out and set stuff on fire in our fire pit, we’ll have pizza!” on Friday night. So it was even more important to make these cookies because getting injured sucks and that’s damn bad luck to be hit in the ass by a drunk. (her tail bone was broken).

We ended up making so much stuff, I didn’t finish baking the pumpkin cookies for them. I have about 75% of the mix left. I’ll finish making them, of course, but it’ll take a little bit.

Then, Jamie got a text message from his boss (she’s awesome, we got Miss Firefly from her) that just said “Look what _____ did” and a picture of a little border collie puppy. So, dog cookies had to be made for both Puppy and his big sister Maggie because Jamie’s boss’s boyfriend said that Maggie is “useless” because she’s spoiled rotten and he’s used to working dogs being used for farm work. Jamie texted her and told her that we’re planning on spoiling the puppy rotten, so we made dog treats.


And then, not baking, I’m working on scarves. I promised one lady a few to “show off” to see if she’s interested in any of them to use for raising money. I’m working on gifts for people because I am still without a job (so no money whatsoever, and I have two totes of colours that I have somehow acquired over the past few months, most of which came from my aunt’s large collection of yarn). And because I was working on one scarf and posted a photo of it on Facebook, I got a couple comments stating that they wanted one too, so instead of just making two, I’m now making four of this one kind. Then, I’m trying to work my way through a Sandworm scarf (because I like sandworms, and it’s the colours from the animated series) and I’m finally using the alpaca yarn I purchased a while back through Sam Starbuck’s RFM ($10, and totally worth it. Not because it’s alpaca yarn, but because it went to a good cause: to help fund a surgery for a gentleman who needed it). Working with the alpaca yarn I have, I didn’t think it was a large amount, but omg it is and I now completely understand why alpaca sells for the price that it does. It’s also very pretty and extremely soft.

And, we got to take Bugbug out on Friday night. She met Puggy for the first time (an elderpug) along with Lilly (the others have met her, but Bugs is special) and we definitely learned that she does fairly well with other dogs in a controlled environment where the owners are cognizant of what’s going on. She hammed it up and was great. I’m really proud of her. By the end of the night, she had gotten scritches from everyone and we had ended up taking off the frog sweater and her harness. She also spent some time snuggled on a small fleece throw (like the ones you can get at Walmart for like $4 or $5) that we had brought. She and Puggy got along great and, while it took some time for her to warm up to Lilly, they did rather well with each other. Lilly, a shy dog when new dogs or new people are introduced (even sometimes when she hasn’t seen you in a while), even play bowed and did zoomies! It was exciting.

It’s been a great weekend. While I hate that I’m still unemployed, I’ve been enjoying this extra time I get to spend with the dogs and the extra lump-time I get with Mr Uggs as well as the extra time–especially on weekends–that Jamie and I get to spend together. He also pointed out this morning that when Thanksgiving rolls around, it will be the first time in 3 years that we’ll get to spend the whole time together.


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