Thinking about snow

The first freeze for Roanoke was the night before last, which means that pretty much from now on we’re going to wake up to the backyard all nice and crystallized and try not to bust our asses on the back porch. We may get lucky and have a couple days from now until…January or so where this won’t happen, but I’m starting to doubt it. It just looks like we may be in for a winter of actual snow when it’s only been maybe two years since it snowed more than flurries or an inch.

We usually get the joy that is ice, wind, and simple cold. It’s not very often we get something that ends up being more than a couple inches of actual snow mixed with ice and doesn’t melt by 12 pm. Chances are, we’ll have another one of those storms where we end up with three feet of snow. It’ll suck for trying to get to work, but the dogs will love it. And it’ll be weird since we just had one of those three years ago and we normally don’t get “good snows” like that very often (once every 7 to 10 years or so).

This also means that Mr Uggs is getting a bit worse for his wheezing and the morning or evening ritual of wrapping him up in a fleece throw blanket or towel and stuffing his medication down his mouth. Thankfully our vet has an “ongoing” perscription for him just in case we run out and it’s an “as needed” thing.

I’m just really hoping that those without power right now are able to get power back and their lives back on track before any sort of snow hits and it starts getting colder. It’s 30 degrees outside here at 7:51 am and I’m sure it’s a bit colder up north.


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