Where’s that recipe?

I went looking for last year’s doggie peanut butter cake of awesome, which the dogs devoured immediately, and I seem to have misplaced it. No problem! I have Google-fu.

AllRecipes.com is touch-n-go with exactly what I need, so I just hit up Google for “dog safe cake recipe” and ran across a website that I had come across last year while looking for a dog-safe cake recipe. (maybe I’m just too lazy to look in my own stash of physical recipes). I went ahead an wrote the recipe down.

I had everything except carrot (which had been used when Jamie made tabouleh) and cream cheese (ew). This means I can use the locally…farmed? honey that we had bought while at the farmer’s market and I realized that Jamie was right, I should definitely have gotten the mason jar for $10 instead of the bear. I was planning on only using the honey for when I make the dogs their swirly cookies, not using a large amount of it for just one thing.

But it works out because I don’t use honey for anything else but the dogs (apparently it’s better than refined cane sugar?)

1 c flour (I used wheat)
1 tsp baking soda
¼ c peanut butter
¼ c vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 c honey
1 egg
(what I don’t include is the shaved carrot and the mystery amount of cream cheese to make an icing that doesn’t tell me how to make it, unless they just mean soften a pack of cream cheese and spread on the cake)

If you use a regular tin, it bakes in about 40 minutes, since I have my mini tins, this bakes in half the time.

We have four dogs, I have four mini cake pans (it’s Wilton’s “Tasty Fill” mini cake pans), this should work out.

It doesn’t.

I had enough for three of the four tins to have two scoops of batter while the fourth had one. So, I made one more batch of the mix (which means I have to use two of Jamie’s eggs instead of one) because I want everyone to have an equal amount of batter. I was able to put about three scoops into each tin and wound up having the perfect amount left over for Mr Poedog.

I found our can of squeezy-cheez and put enough in the holes to smoosh to make a base (each blob was maybe a tablespoon), stuck a dog cookie in, and put a little more squeezy-cheez on to make it look cool and voila. Birthday cake for the dogs.

The last of the batter beside one of the baked cakes. I used a pizza pan to hold all four tins as the cookie sheet was being held hostage by biscuits.


This is what the batter looks like in the tins. Kinda gross. Don’t bother trying to “smooth” this out because it just makes a little round hill while baking anyway.

This is what the cakes look like done. Can you guess which one is Firefly’s? (it’s the one with the big peanut-butter cookie)

Yes, I know I did all this “work” while the dogs are just going to devour these without a second thought anyway. Looks cool though.


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