A wiggle-butt birthday

Today is Firefly’s birthday.

It’s kind of weird realizing that our oldest is now 5 years old, which means that Hobbes and Bug will be turning 5 in February while little Izzy-butt will be turning three in March. (And while Mr Ugly will be turning 8 in June, he’ll always be around 4 for us). But, this also reminds me of a post from Two Pitties in the City, about how it’s weird for them to realize that Miss M and Mr B are elderbulls.

This also means that we’ve had Miss Fly for a little over three years and she is still Energizer Dog. I don’t know if it’s the pit in her or the hound in her, but she is the dog who will run circles around the others. She’s taught other dogs how to play and taught them to be wary of cats (also taught others to be scared of Mr Ugly and never get in his way), she’s learned a few tricks (both good and bad), and she makes people smile every time they see her.

Firefly’s got a little extra wiggle in her steps today like she knows something’s up. Jamie wants to try to take her to Petsmart to get her a little something later on today and I need to start working on a cake mix (dog-friendly cake mix) since we won’t be able to get doggie icecream like we did for everyone last year.

I also need to find the little party hats, but I’m under the sinking suspicion that I threw them away for whatever reason.


Couple more years and we’ll have some elderbulls on our hands. I hope they stay crazy.


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