Halloween! Halloween! Squee!

If there were any holiday Jamie and I celebrate, it’s Halloween. It’s a great holiday and we have fun.

This year, we’re not dressing up (this is…the second time this has ever happened since we’ve been together. It’s odd, but things have happened that have prohibited us being dorks and dressing up) and we’ve been pretty much keeping “low key” this year.

Jamie pointed out that he wanted to do a “traditional” pumpkin this year instead of doing our usual fare of “I wonder if I can carve this on a pumpkin.” One year we carved Blue from Blue’s Clues for his little brother on one pumpkin, a 1UP mushroom and one of the question boxes from Mario on another, and a rather intensive Caterpillar from the 1951 Alice in Wonderland on the last pumpkin. We also painted some pumpkins (tribal dogs) so Jamie could take them to work this year.

The “traditional” pumpkin came from a book of templates Jamie found (brought to you every year by the people who also make/sell the “pumpkin carving kits”) He really wanted to do a cat, because of Mr Uggs, and I found this guy. Rhonda refused to carve the pumpkin, swearing she’d cut herself and bleed to death (she is on blood thinners), so she watched us do it.

Jamie ended up having to tweak the cat ears while I realized I did my normal “trace with the knife and cut in to peices to get the pumpkin out” and I needed those peices for the horn/ear things. But! I have a cache of “craft foam square sheets” and I have some extra paper. So I made the template and worked on them, and the horn/ear things came out cool.

Jamie made the pumpkin seeds for me with this fascinating cinnamon/sugar and cumin mix. Sweet and has a kick.

So our day will be a nice, quietish event.

It’s cold here, but the ground hasn’t frozen yet. We’ll be watching a horror movie (either Splice or the latest incarnation of The Thing), snuggling, and have cider. I will have the fermented kind while Jamie will have a mulled-and-warmish kind. We’ll also be burying apples, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and this is the first year I have apples for it. I’m excited.


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