Making Scarves

I have an over abundance of yarn (seriously. I’m able to fill 2 fairly large totes with nothing but yarn. how did this happen?) but on the plus side, I can make scarves and things.

One thing that cracks me up and I didn’t realize until I posted this picture on Facebook, is the stuff that covers the desk. In this photo there are three notebooks that you can see. There are two notebooks you can’t see, various notes on my neon note thingy that was supposed to be store-brand post-its but aren’t sticky on the back, and the list of wines from Peaks of Otter Winery that I am working on a comprehensive review post for.

And the rainbow scarf of course.

The scarf is intended for a small child who is currently  obsessed with the latest incarnation of My Little Pony.

(now let’s see what other colour I can do) P.S: the medicine bottle is for Mr Uggs and his wheezes/asthma problems.


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