I’ve learned a valuable lesson

Besides the wonderful knowledge that “Everybody loves a dog in clothes,” and notating that people are more receptible to pitties if they’re wearing something besides a collar and harness, Jamie and I have learned a good lesson when it comes to dressing a dog up.


When we took Izzy and Hobbes to Dogtoberfest, Hobbes got a Halloween bandana because we had figured he’d get hot in his Halloweeny pajamas or the Dino-Dog costume and Izzy got a pair of wings. We walked the dogs around for a while before we went to the festival and walked the dogs around as best as we could (as mentioned in a previous post), and came home with happy and tired dogs.

The next day, Jamie noticed that there was dirt under Izzy’s arm pits. He loved on her while holding her up while I used a war, wet cloth to try to get the gunk off. Then we found out that this gunk was because of the wings and it was goo from her body trying to heal itself. We immediately put a bunch of neosporin on the spots and kept an eye on it. She didn’t show any signs of discomfort and seemed to enjoy the extra attention she was getting every time we cleaned the areas and put gobs of neosporin on the areas.

A week and a half later, it’s like nothing ever happened to her except maybe fur got rubbed off a little bit.
So, lesson learned: Make sure the dog has some sort of sweater or t-shirt before putting wings on. The ones we had were your basic straps-are-elastic-bands and while I’m fairly sure straps that have some sort of covering or padding are great, I’ll try to put the dog in a shirt before strapping another set of wings on. But, on the plus side, we won’t be able to use these sets of wings.

In Izzy’s enthusiasm, the wings are bent beyond repair and we’re ok with this. She was adorable and that’s what counts.