What was that title?

…now this is kind of bothering me.

I had found a note I had written to myself to look for a book that I kind of remember reading as a kid. Of course, I don’t remember the title (and I sure as hell don’t remember the author). But, I do remember some bits and peices of the book.

It was three “main” characters. They were all siblings and each sibling had one chapter to themselves, but everything was intertwined. But it was also a YA book and I kind of remember going “what the hell?” at one point or another.

The siblings were described as “lazy” and the word was used to constantly describe them. At one point in the story, the author describes these characters as being lazy because instead of cutting the ceiling fan on, they had something akin to a giant…hand fan that was hanging up at an angle or somesuch. On it was a long string and one of the kids had tied it around their big toe and would move their foot to move the fan to cool them off. .

The siblings were also described as being lazy because they would sit outside and read. Or something off-putting like that.

And it wasn’t like the kids were reading instead of doing homework or doing something that was asked of them, it was the author was calling them lazy because they chose to read in their free time and use their imagination instead of watching television.

At other various points in the book, the eldest sibling is referred to as “a bully.” I don’t remember any reason why this kid was a bully, but this kid was a bully and the author was very matter-of-fact about it. It was like someone just came up and went “this person is a jerk” and walked away without giving a reason. The author also points out that the eldest is a bully because they stick up for their younger siblings (I think it was a girl, but I can’t really remember). At one point the author goes off about how the youngest is being made fun of so the eldest punches the person making fun of their sibling in the face and reminds us that the eldest sibling is a bully.

Then sometime later, if I remember correctly (which I probably don’t), the author writes about this one kid who really wants braces. The kid goes up to one of the siblings and points this out, so the one sibling says something like “for $5 I’ll put braces on you” and proceeds to “make” braces out of paper clips and puts it on the kid’s teeth. The kid goes home happy, the mom finds out, they get the paper clips off and “the teeth pop out like popcorn.” The mother of the kid had to take the kid to get “real” braces.

Out of everything, that one line has always stuck out for me. Teeth popped out like popcorn.

I’ve always wanted to know how someone came up with that, how could a kid figure out a way to mess around with paper clips to make “braces.” Were they baby teeth? Were they permanent teeth? How long did they have to wait? And so on and so forth.

I want to find out what book I had read all those years ago to see if I remember these bits and peices correctly. I want to see if the author was as bad as I remember, if the “main” characters were as interesting, and if the book is as bizarre as I’m making it out to be.


So far, I’m not having any luck.