…on that hunt again

So, I pretty much quit my job today. And not in the way I had initially planned.

Being “An Adult” makes you want to do things, like put in a two week notice and have a new job lined up. This was the initial plan. I’ve been putting in applications here and there while being pretty casual of the whole thing. Yes, I hate my job and I hate my boss, but a paycheck is a paycheck and I’ve got bills to pay. Of course, the past few days (and weeks) have been…less than sub-par and it just came to a head.

I spoke with the Assistant Store Manager (because he is awesome) and vented my frustrations to him:

+ I feel that if you have a rule, it should be followed by everyone, not a select few while others can do whatever.
example: We are not allowed to read magazines, books, newspapers, etc. A very good rule that I agree with. However, this rule does not apply to a few other employees.

+ We are given basic things to do in certain departments:
– example: if we work the front, we have to keep the front of the store looking nice, specific aisles neated up, and carts in an orderly fashion.I, and one or two other people, am expected to not stand still, but other select employees can dick around and it’s ok for them.

+ I pointed out that the other day, we had to work truck because it didn’t get done over the weekend. One of the managers came up to me and asked if I could help out because the department I was in had been finished. He asked nicely, I said sure. I started working truck for another department, no problem. The girl scheduled for that department decided she wasn’t going to work truck, she was going to hide behind the counter doing fuckall. (I also pointed out to the ASM that the manager who had asked me came up later and thanked me for helping out. I did not expect to be thanked, but did appreciate the thought and acknowledgement)

+ I pointed out my frustrations with our Store Manager. I mentioned his…response to me after I asked about if something was being marked down. I told him about how the SM almost ripped a customer’s negatives in half and then told me to calm down, and I also pointed out that the SM’s chipper “job security!” response to me asking why I was assigned a specific job was highly irritating (because he told it to me every few days the past couple months. Once as a joke is one thing, but after that, it just makes me want to punch him)

+ I told him about the SM’s response to my inquiry of being paid, one night, the same rate as the photo guys since I’d be covering just that one night and I was informed no because I “wasn’t experienced enough.” I got scheduled 4 more days before that night and spent a good portion of my time in photo. Still never got the pay. (the ASM thought it was messed up)


Thankfully, the ASM is a really great guy. He’s easy to get along with, he’s great to work with, he listens, he works with people when it comes to scheduling conflicts. He’ll work all the departments. And I told him that I do like most of my coworkers, but the SM has made it to where I don’t want to be there any longer (and also because quite a few other people get away with shit). If it comes to a point where the SM is no longer there and there is an option to come back, I’d come back (and if I could get a raise because I’m working all these different departments).

Sucks for me because this means no paycheck, but I am planning on putting in more applications and going to a temp agency. I don’t want to be without a job long (I got bills to pay, yo) but I don’t want to be in a situation where I am so stressed I am having chest pains again and I hate my fucking job right now. The ASM pointed out that I could sit on it and let him know for sure by Sunday. He said he’d hate to see me go, but he also understands my frustrations. (why can’t he be the damned SM?)


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