Chugging Along

(and…apparently wordpress wants to fuck with my paragraph breaks. Awesome)


It feels kind of weird knowing that I have multiple notepad files open and I’m just writing different things in each one of them. In one, I’m writing down notes and things that I have from scraps of paper. In another, it’s just a couple paragraphs of what is going to be one long rant about how I hate my boss and why; re-reading it makes me think that maybe I have this complex like everyone is out to get me and I feel a little silly for whining about the problems. But then I’ll have a day where I go in with a good attitude, everything will be decent, and then I am reminded about everything all over again. And the other one was a thing about schooling…I think.


I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have time for anything much any longer. I can’t make plans to go to things like the Vinton Fall Festival because chances are, I’ll have to work (although, this year, I am scheduled off for that day so we are going). My feet hurt to bad, so I do stuff around the house, complain about my feet, and don’t do much of anything but sit around. Apparently I am losing the arch in one of my feet, so the bones at the ball of my feet are getting the brunt of the trauma and, me being me, I am over-compensating with my other foot and therefore causing more problems. Yay.


I was going to work on a scarf for one of my favorite authors, Sam Starbuck, but I haven’t really done much on it. I’m approximately halfway through it, but I highly doubt it gets done any time soon. Meh.


And then I remembered that I need to do film and book reviews so I can remember what we, or I, thought of this film or what I had thought of this book. I haven’t watched as many films as I had previously, but I’m steadily chugging along for books. I got to read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (I love her blog) and I really enjoyed the book. I want to do a review for it…but I haven’t.


Every time I get on the computer, all I want to do is read blog updates and check facebook. Or check comics. I don’t want to write and every time I get myself to write, I type up one or two paragraphs, hate it, and then delete it. I had started a blog update about our vacation three or four times, I feel bad for not writing anything for this great forum I found (Cruise Critic) before we went and I really want to write about things we learned and stuff (like bring more socks. It sounds weird, but it was very true for us)


I found story ideas and comic strip ideas and…all I want to do is check Sam’s blog and see if anything interesting happened to him. All I want to do is check facebook. And…what the hell happened? I used to write all the damn time (blog posts, story ideas, reviews, etc) and now I can barely get myself to write breif updates on Twitter or FB.


And lately, all I’ve been doing is complaining about how much I hate my boss and I hate my job. Now, I am in search of new employment and I plan on staying at this job until I can secure new employment, but even I’m thinking this is getting pretty old with me going “I hate my boss and I hate my job” over and over again.




Jamie ordered flowers and had them sent to work today. It was really adorable. It’s this assortment of fall-coloured roses in a pumpkin shaped vase. It’s really pretty and we’ve had to put it on the top of the computer desk because Snooch is an evil little bastard who likes to chew flower petals


On a plus side, I found the Christmas card that Mike, from my buddy pal, had sent me for free when I ordered a couple cards from him. Mike is such a great guy and I really hope that his card company hits big-time because he has made some adorable cards and I love the backstory.


And I am getting through Sam’s scarf (while it is a Doctor Who scarf, it is a modified one because I would feel terrible if he tripped, and sprained or broke something, while wearing a standard 15 ft long scarf I had made). Sure, it’s a slower pace than I would like, but it’s still coming along.


Work was pretty decent today save for a few snags (like one girl that was scheduled decided to hide and refused to do anything but this one particular duty, thus completely ignoring all the stuff we had to do. One girl did one thing that was asked of her and wandered around for ten or twenty minutes before being told to go do something else while I was busting my ass getting shit done for a department I wasn’t scheduled for). I was a bit surprised by one of the managers thanking me for helping out in that department as well as helping cover for someone for another department while they went on lunch. And hey, on the plus side, I got to stay busy all day instead of wandering around aimlessly for hours, doing things here and there.


 …and now for sleep. Screw it. I’m not going to worry about crazy paragraph breaks or anything like that.


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