It’s been a hell of a week.

Bug started showing signs of her “mystery illness” again, so of course we panicked and went to the vet. Thankfully, her levels weren’t as “Sky High” as they were last year, but we are keeping everything in check. She’s going nuts and doing fairly well, so I think we just caught it in time and now have an idea as to what to look out for.

Ever since that Friday I’ve had a dull throb of a headache that has a tendency to peak during random times. The odd thing is that one of the managers that I work with was absolutely amazed that I will actually come to work with a headache because one of the other girls will call out as soon as she starts to feel one coming on. I explained that I only call in when they’re so bad I cannot function to do my job properly.

We had help out with an emergency move and that was definitely an adventure. Half of the stuff wasn’t packed and the person who offered to help screwed around half the time. Instead of getting everything packed and moved within a decent time frame, we spent…about 10 hours moving stuff when it should’ve taken maybe 4. It was a nightmare, but everything is straightened out now.

Fred called at 6:30 Saturday to make sure Jamie was awake and about 10 minutes later was at the house so he and Jamie could move part of the fencing and dropped off the bedroom suit he said we were more than welcome to have. It’s kind of weird having a bed that doesn’t squeak when you sit on the edge of it to put your shoes on.

I somehow managed to whack myself in the eye and have something going on with it. It’s not a black eye, but it is kind of bruised.

I’ve been stressed all to hell. The usual crap. But I’m hoping that soon we can return to some sort of state of normalcy around here and hopefully reduce my stress level. I’ve reached that point of exhaustion where I’m no longer tired, but if I stop doing stuff I’ll probably fall over. This will definitely make for an interesting day tomorrow.

I have learned, however, that the Newman’s Own 34% cocoa Mocha chocolate bar is awesome. It tastes like coffee.

I’m also kind of proud of myself. I’ve been holding on to a small stack (of about 10-12) magazines (old Writer’s Digests) for years and I finally tossed them. They were the ones that were printed on newsprint instead of the regular gloss paper, with maybe one or two with the gloss paper. I haven’t looked at these things in years and I feel that I’ve learned all that I absolutely can learn from them when I originally got them. Besides, I know how to write. I write in my own style and I really don’t need an article to tell me how to write . All I need to do is push myself to write and see what happens.


…and apparently now my blog updates are invalid requests. wtf.


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