A brief rundown of life


(every time I start this, it ends up looking like crap, so screw it, you get a List of Stuff)


  • One of my co-workers tried giving me crap yesterday about how I’d screw up a new roll of 6” paper on my first attempt at re-loading one of the photo printy things because “everyone screws up their first try” and he did it as well. I did it perfectly. The only thing I screwed up was cutting a teeny sliver from a negative that was barely noticable.

  • While learning the proper way to cut negatives, one of the customers pointed out that he was so fascinated that when he got a deer, he’d come up to get me to help him cut it up. I’m under the impression that he thought I’d find the whole thing icky, but I told him that would be *so cool*

  • We saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter either the weekend it came out or the following weekend (sense of time eludes me because I am a Cog in the Machine). It was ok, the director did really well, the CG team did amazingly well, it wasn’t worth watching in 3D, and it was really choppy. If you hadn’t read the book, you’d be all “what the fuck is this shit?”

  • I still don’t care for 3D movies.

  • A friend of mine had posted on Facebook about how he needed some reccomendations for films. He was house-sitting and the house did not have cable. I wrote that he may not like any of the following films that I was going to write down, but here we go. I went through a list, first going through what came to my head first, then going through the films that I had reviewed and films that were on our Netflix list. I’ve realized that I *really* need to start working on film reviews again.

  • I surprised a co-worker by pointing out that yes, pitties do, in fact, shed. Sometimes they shed quite a lot. I’ve been tempted to order the How To book that shows you how to knit with your beastie’s fur. Bug sure as hell sheds enough to do something like this.

  • Speaking of knitting, I am in the process of working on a Season 12 Doctor Who scarf for a friend. I’m currently at the 10 ½ ft mark, I have 11 colour blocks left, and then I get to work on the finish-up bits and do my least favorite part: tassels.

  • I’ve determined that if I don’t absolutely loathe doing this project, I will work on a modified version for one of my favorite authors, Sam Starbuck. I say modified (it’s also considered a “wearable” version) because it’s a 4-6 ft long scarf and Sam has a tendency to trip and hurt himself. A 13 ft long scarf would not help matters at all.

  • I’ve also got to send the wombat stuffie to Ursula Vernon in hopes that she will find it highly entertaining. Her awesome comic, Digger, was nomiated for a Hugo award! (I am also vastly far behind on the Dragonbreath series. I only have books 1-3 and the last I saw, B&N had book 6 available. My goal is to own them all because I love Ursula’s work)

  • Jamie got me a sewing machine for my birthday! How fucking awesome is that! I have many, many plans on things to make with it. But, it’s been years since I’ve messed with a sewing machine so my first projects will have to be small. I’m planning on making dog clothes and toys, weird little stuffies, and eventually clothing (hopefully medeval stuff). And maybe one day I’ll make the Silent Hill nurse costume.

  • I’m still wanting to write, but haven’t really gotten to it yet. There’s work, house work, dogs, and I’m terrible at time-management. I’m also really enjoying writing in a notebook and just enjoying my own handwriting. As I’m doing it, I’m working on different little tidbits and scraps of stories or ideas. Or blog ideas. One I’m planning on doing is a review of some things I’ve tried out lately

Now I need to stop so I can go check on the pizza we have in the oven. It may be 11 pm, but damnit: pizza.



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