Shit happens

I’ve been meaning to update, but haven’t really felt like it. Everything that I type ends up…stupid. (why do I care? I have no idea)

I’ve been stressed like crazy. I ended up with my Major Bill from the ER, with the looming chance there may be another one soon, and it’s going to take a bit to pay it off. At least it’s not as much as it was the last time and a plus side is I actually got an answer this time (“inter-muscular spasm”). My goal is to work on paying off the bills without having to get into a yelling match with whomever works for the collection agency (again).

Now, I’ve got stress at work. I like my job, it’s a nice little job. But, some crap has happened and I just now want everything to go away.

Even with crap happening at work, I managed to freak out one of my co-workers. He decided it’d be very funny to sneak up behind me and put his hands heavily on my shoulders and grumble something. I jumped, of course, and told him he was damn lucky I didn’t smack the hell out of him. He apologized, I told him to not do that again, and he left me alone for the rest of the day.

And…the weather around here has been…wonderfully Spring. Really hot, really cold, muggy, smatterings of rain, and just simply Spring. So, of course, my brain has decided to tell me “fuck you, I’m going to be infected with werms” and I have had a migraine since Sunday.

I am grumpy. I’ve been grumpy for well over a week and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up. I just really want to stab something with a spoon and listen to podcasts.

(there. I updated. meh)


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