It’s like a coffee smoothie

So! Stuff (I want to write something, I have no regrets)

I’m not a huge fan of going to coffee shops and buying coffee. I have a perfectly functional coffee maker on the counter and we used to have a mostly-functional latte maker (until we threw it away because we broke part of it over a year ago and we’ve been dealing with it ever since). Our Local Coffee Shop is…well, I would assume it is the average nuisance of Hip Coffee Shop where 90% of the employees make you feel like it’s a privelage for them to help you and almost everyone who is in the shop as a customer are special snowflakes and you’re just a simple peon who doesn’t deserve to be in the same shop as them.

I hate this coffee shop. Good coffee, but not worth the aggrevation and headache that comes with simple ordering.

The other Local Coffee Shop has ceased to exist (for failure to pay rent). These were awesome people, but way out of our way so it was a nice little treat the handful of times we found our way near that area.

And now we simply have Starbucks, Starbucks in Barnes and Noble, little Java The Hutts (little one or two person shacks, kind of like the Sno-Cone shacks that pop up every spring/summer), and Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea. Still doesn’t get me to want coffee from places.

However, last Thursday I wound up at the urgent care at the mall to see if I could get something looked at. After I was about to flip the fuck out over the guy behind the counter, I walked across the road (making sure to not get run over by the cars going 50+ mph), and made my way to the Barnes and Noble that is at this particular mall.

I decided that I was going to get a coffee. I blame our friend Robert for posting about Starbucks all over his Twitter feed because of the @dumpstarbucks campaign. I was also rather pissed off and needed something to calm me down besides just stalking through the bookstore and wanting books. Jamie, being the awesome guy he is, agreed that I should get a book and to completely ignore the fact that he bought me Joe Hill’s “Horns” a few days prior.

I decided against getting Ursula Vernon’s Dragonbreath #4 (which gets referred to as “Batbreath” on her blog) because I keep forgetting it’s $13 a book and while I love Ursula and her work, I really don’t want to pay $13 for one of the Dragonbreath books right now. Then again, I don’t want to pay $35 for the entirety of Alan Moore’s “From Hell” graphic novel nor $65 for any of the Arkham Horror games.

I wound up getting both “Fragile Things” and “Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman, even realizing that I am going to overload on Neil’s work and I should’ve gotten “Eulalia!”, “Doomwhyte,” or one of Terry Pratchett’s books. But, I ended up opening “Fragile Things” up to “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” and read a couple paragraphs and had to know what happened next. Then I found that “Smoke and Mirrors” has a Shoggoth story, so I couldn’t decide and Jamie pointed out I should get them both because, really, why not?

Then I decided to try an actual Frappuccino instead of going for a bottled one. These things are awesome. It’s like a coffee smoothie and is really fucking awesome. I told Jamie about it and he asked for me to order one for him closer to the time that he was coming to pick me up.

Since last Thursday, we’ve had a few other Frappuccinos from one of the stand-alone Starbucks shops. Yesterday, Jamie surprised me with a Mocha one and a cookie that was described as “like a brownie in your mouth.” Both were really good, but I ended up with a chocolate overload and was slightly nauseous (I also blame the fact I was munching on a little bit of super-rich brownie during my day of work).

I finished the cookie this morning with some regular coffee from our coffee pot. But now, I am going to knock Snooch off me so I can go do stuff.


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