So, I think I did things

I realized I really wanted to update the blog, but I really have no idea what to write about. So, I wrote down a short-ish list of Things That Happened and decided I’d do a post about it.


So, things that happened today:

+ Pissed off a woman by having her just read my Required-To-Wear T-Shirt (campaign going on at work and everyone who worked today was required to wear it.)

+ Listened to a Little Old Lady spout off slurs, cusswords, and an angry monologue as she stomped out of the store. Why? Because one of my co-workers happens to be Russian and was trying to help her out with something. She went off about how she “can’t fucking go anywhere without all these god damned foreigners everywhere.” Wow. She also continued on about how they “can’t speak or understand any damn English.” My co-worker who helped her had to get me to translate her terrible handwriting so he could put her name into the system.

+ Made the register spazz. Go me.

+ Weirded out my manager and my co-worker by bringing 6 boxes of Peeps up to the register while on my lunch break. They wouldn’t listen when I was attempting to explain that it’s for a personal project (“Peepshow” actually)

+ Had a customer go “Awww” in that “aww how cute” way while I was explaining that I do art. He asked if I was an artist (no, not in the slightest. I just make things) and nodded before stating that I was an artist (awww). This is why I don’t tell people things I do in “normal” company because I get reactions like this and it makes me feel that what I’m doing (or working on) is obsolete or stupid.

+ Pissed off a Little Old Lady because her coupon didn’t print out.

+ Jamie surprised me with a Mocha Frappuccino and a cookie. He said he had to get the cookie because the barista was so enthusiastic and happily told him that “it’s like a brownie in your mouth.” (om nom nom. Both are really good)

+ I had a lady try to convince me to get a pedometer. This is not as exciting as the Little Old Lady who enthusiastically tried to convinve me that I needed my Very Own handgun and Concealed Weapons permit (because “Every young woman should have one.”)

+ Creeped out a guy by telling him my pocket knife came from a dead guy’s house. (I found it at an estate sale. But I felt justified)

+ Had a little girl get excited over my Peep tattoo.

+ Izzy licked my nose and hit my nose ring. Ow. Thankfully it wasn’t a full-on nose ring lick; it was a barely there with barely contained excitement while Jamie held on to her.

+ Got invited to one Little Old Lady’s church for the Easter sermon. It was really sweet and she was so happy that I helped her. I felt bad for telling her I have to work Easter Sunday (it’s true, I do). She told me I just had to come to one of the services “any time” I was available. It was really sweet.

+ Had a woman buy cigarettes and then demand “Where’s my matches?!” I informed her we don’t have free books of matches; she shoved her cigarettes in her purse and stomped away in a huff. (I am highly entertained when people get all in a tizzy when they find out we don’t have “complementary” books of matches for them to grab)



+ I got yelled at by a moron because it is “bullshit” that giftcards cannot be used for tobacco products. It’s against federal regulations. He came back later and apologized to me. Apparently after spazzing out about how the whole ordeal was bullshit, he called me a string of wonderful names when I wasn’t paying attention.

+ Because of this, I managed to teach my Russian co-worker the phrase “flipped his shit,” which he found highly entertaining.

+ Went to go put up stock and found that most of it is New Stuff. I bought one of the New Things (Caress body wash has this something-something with orange rose and it smells wonderful).

+ Found that some of the New Stock had to be salvaged because a bottle of body wash exploded in the tote. My hands smelled like “Ocean Breeze” for a while. Learned that Dial has Hello Kitty soap and was very entertained.

+ Watched a customer over-dramatize a too-small bracelet and then whinge about how *expensive* they were before walking out (she did not walk out with one of the bracelets). It was almost as funny as watching the faces of the customers who grab bottles of Essie nail polish and then find out at the register that they are $8 a bottle.

+ Jamie came by and surprised me. I also got a kiss, lunch, *and* brownies. It was an awesome little surprise.

+ Found boxes for stuff (like camphor rub and perfumes) empty at the Clearance rack. Dude, seriously, just take the damn box if you’re going to steal the product.

+ But, I did become quite…flabbergasted and slightly awed by the person who ripped off the cardstock over-package for a Wahl head shaver kit, open it, pull out the sheet that goes around the shoulders and stick the security tag on it before stealing the shaver kit. (this happened while I was on my lunch break so I was not around. I’ve been kind of wondering how the person pulled it off)

+ We got the Crystal Light “Mocktinis” in and I became highly amused by them.

+ Found out one of my managers peirced his septum in high school with a stapler.

+ Pissed off a woman because she wanted a refund for a gift card that someone had given her. I had to explain that we cannot refund gift cards. She asked why, I told her it was company policy. She became agitated and over-accentuated “I don’t even eat there.” I explained there should be an 800 number on the back, call them, and see what they can do because it is against company policy to refund gift cards. She reiterated the not eating at the specified restraunt the card was for and stalked out.

Really? Ok, I was given a Red Robin gift card. I don’t eat there, but I know someone who does, so I gave it to them and made them very happy. See? Problem solved.

+ I also found a container of nail polish where one of the bottles had exploded and nail polish was everywhere in the container. At least it was dried.


Other things:

On Friday, I got a text message from Jamie going off about how he really wanted a peircing, we should totally get a peircing, he really wants a peircing, come on, let’s go get something peirced. So, we came home, dropped my stuff off, and headed over to Alex’s.

I decided that I would try this peircing thing again. Hell, I’d had both arms prodded with syringes to see what was going on with my chest earlier in the week (found it was a “severe inter-muscular spasm”) so I should be able to do this no problem. I’ve wanted my nose peirced and there are no rules on facial peircings for my job, which was awesome.

When I had my lip peirced, I had asked what the rules were and if I could do it. I was given the okie-dokie. The next day that I worked after getting it done, I got my ass chewed out for it. Shortly thereafter (not because of this), I went to a different job where I was banned from “any facial peircings whatsoever and only one set of earrings for women only” and the manager there would get in my face to make sure I didn’t have anything in it. Needless to say, I lost the peircing.

So, I got my nose done. I’m pretty proud of myself as I didn’t scream. Jason (the peircer) is really cool about things and he did a really great job. Jamie decided that he wanted his nipples re-pierced and found that peircing through scar tissue was pretty unpleasant. Jamie tipped Jason really well (and apparently it surprised him. Remember folks: always tip your tattoo artist or peircer, especially if they do a good job).

Afterwards, Jamie admitted he doesn’t like watching people get peirced. I was a bit surprised, but then again when he got some of his earlier peircings I couldn’t watch. I think I’ve gotten better about it over the years.

Strangely, having my nose peirced hurt a lot less than having my lip peirced. There’s a lot more nerve endings at the nasal area, which is why no matter where you peirce (nostril, septum, philtrum), you will always tear up.

But, this has confirmed that I like tattoos way more and I will stick with tattoos.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers asked me if I did it for aesthetic reasons. I told him no, it was for bravity (it’s like bravery, only better). I don’t like needles, I really don’t like hollow-needles, and it was something to try.

This morning my store manager asked me why I didn’t go for a stud because those “are nicer.” I told him I didn’t want a stud, I liked hoops and hoops are easier for peircing. And I realized, yet again,  that I like working here. I work with an eclectic group of people who all have their different quirks and it’s embraced instead of ignored or shunned. And I think that is awesome.


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