From Geek to Simply Awesome

(simply: I just ramble about how awesome my mom is)

I was checking Twitter the other day and found that Think Geek is having a small contest to find the Geekiest Mom. This made me think of my mom, but I can’t submit to this contest because, simply, my mom is not really geeky any longer.

It’s kind of weird.

Growing up, my mom was really awesome (she’s still really awesome) and she was kind of geeky. She religiously watched TNG which eventually morphed into religously watching TNG, The Simpsons, and The X-Files. She encouraged me to go do whatever I wanted, encouraged me to learn things that I wanted to know about. She still does this now, even whenever I feel super goofy for making her a 3D perler bead Mario Bros. tube with three Mario flowers. From what I understand, she loves this little bit of weirdness and has it in her office.

My mom still has the hand-held Castlevania game from the early/mid 90s (that is apparently worth quite a lot according to some nostalgia website or other). I don’t think it’s been played in years. She still has her Pocket Gameboy, with the snazzy Bright Putrid Yellow colouring that came out right before the Gameboy Color (I remember this thing being toted as the Gameboy Color before Gameboy had color available). Mom bought a DS to play with and, though she did have fun with it, she got bored and gave it to me.

But, she goes through these different moods where she wants to spend time watching cartoons or spend time just reading. It’s pretty cool and she puts up with my weirdness. She finds it fun when I send her different links of stuff to check out.

I think that if Mom didn’t have a small memory problem, she’d probably get some of my random references. For example, the little perler bead thing I made her (ok, not little, the end product stood almost a foot high), I had to point out that the stuff came from Mario Bros. and it still took her a few moments to “get it.” I don’t mind because I’m used to it and I find it endearing. (she used to play Mario quite frequently)

Mom went from this geek mom to just plain awesome. She may not understand the need to make a 13ft long, terribly ugly scarf for seemingly no-damn-reason, but she understands the why. She may not play video games any longer, but she understands the joy of playing games. She may not keep up with the latest technologies, but she’ll quietly listen to me while I go on about this or that and then she’ll tell me about the latest cartoon she likes. She’s currently on a Ben10 kick.

But, she still has the three VHS tapes that have the original Star Wars movies on them. I just don’t know if she ever got the DVDs (I think so, but it’s been a while since I snooped through her film collection, which is…Scooby Doo movies, Addams Family, The Munsters, strange things that were taped) and far as I know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer to her is the same as me: it’s a film where Donald Sutherland trains a girl (Kristy Swanson) to kick vampire ass, but it’s a comedy, and it’s got Luke Perry and David Arquette in it. And Kristy Swanson kicks ass in a floofy dress.

I don’t think my mom would consider herself geeky. She really hasn’t got the energy to put labels to people. She has to deal with Maggie and Burney (her two dogs, which isn’t that hard to deal with), my dad (which is…much harder to deal with), stuff with work, and just simply being tired because she gets tired fairly easily.


So, I guess I’m not a sociopath

Yesterday, I realized that I’m not a sociopath. I’m just your average, twisted 20-something that has seen way too many horror movies for her own good (and there’s still so many more to see).

I had a gentleman come in, hand on his chest, and requested we call an ambulance because he believes he is having a heart attack. One of my regulars whips out her cell phone, I pick up the store phone and call my co-worker (because my phone doesn’t call out. go figure) and get him to call. Three other customers are bombarding this poor guy, who’s obviously going into shock, that he needs to stay inside or sit down. My regular follows the guy out the door while talking to the dispatcher and trying to keep the guy calm.

My co-worker calls for an ambulance as well and afterwards goes outside to stay with him until the ambulance shows up. The great thing about working where I work is that we are practically a stone’s throw from a Fire Station. This way, it only took a couple minutes for the EMTs to show up.

This scenario freaked out the Little Old Lady I was helping (to the point of telling her repeatedly what was needed and what I had done).

I was a little shaken up, but probably because I have been in a situation similiar to this (and not too long ago at that). And, I’d been dealing with a bit of stress at work and was attempting to remind myself that all I have to do is do my job, do my job fairly well, not piss off any customers, and go the hell home.

Or maybe I’m just good at faking empathy for customers because I work retail.


I was listening to The Nerdist where Chris Hardwick is talking with Penn Jillette and Penn makes an interesting observation that Dean Martin was a sociopath. I found it to be really fascinating and it made me think about what happened yesterday.

Shit happens

I’ve been meaning to update, but haven’t really felt like it. Everything that I type ends up…stupid. (why do I care? I have no idea)

I’ve been stressed like crazy. I ended up with my Major Bill from the ER, with the looming chance there may be another one soon, and it’s going to take a bit to pay it off. At least it’s not as much as it was the last time and a plus side is I actually got an answer this time (“inter-muscular spasm”). My goal is to work on paying off the bills without having to get into a yelling match with whomever works for the collection agency (again).

Now, I’ve got stress at work. I like my job, it’s a nice little job. But, some crap has happened and I just now want everything to go away.

Even with crap happening at work, I managed to freak out one of my co-workers. He decided it’d be very funny to sneak up behind me and put his hands heavily on my shoulders and grumble something. I jumped, of course, and told him he was damn lucky I didn’t smack the hell out of him. He apologized, I told him to not do that again, and he left me alone for the rest of the day.

And…the weather around here has been…wonderfully Spring. Really hot, really cold, muggy, smatterings of rain, and just simply Spring. So, of course, my brain has decided to tell me “fuck you, I’m going to be infected with werms” and I have had a migraine since Sunday.

I am grumpy. I’ve been grumpy for well over a week and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up. I just really want to stab something with a spoon and listen to podcasts.

(there. I updated. meh)

To make the leap or no?

I’ve made a mental notation that I am going to write. I enjoy writing. Be it with mistakes and misspellings, run on sentences, or even just random little tidbits of things that happened. I’m fascinated by Sam Starbuck’s personal vision. Extribulum. He does this really awesome thing, pioneer work within writing, where he will work on a draft of his story and then post it on his blog (one of his blogs) one chapter at a time and encourages his Cafe Members (aka: readers and fans) to voice opinions, point out where mistakes were made (quotations missing, misspelled words, missing words, and things that simply make no sense).

This is a fascinating way of going through things. I somehow stumbled upon his work while he was on…chapter 8 of The Dead Isle (before he broke his wrist and had his account hacked. it’s been a neat journey, reading his work and reading his updates on life). From posting chapters at a time, editing work, and has self-published 4 books (plus Dr King’s Lucky Book, that he did mostly as a ‘let’s see how this goes’ kind of book, as well as The Secret of Chicago–a photo book that tells a story. So that makes it six). He is currently in the middle of editing The Dead Isle to be a physical book (which makes me squee. I love this story)

(obviously, Sam inspires me, much like Ursula Vernon inspires me. They make me want to Make Things and share them with others just to see what happens.)

I am fascinated by the need to make something and show it off. But it makes me wonder: what happens next?

I’ve been on different sharing websites and seen others be, with the best description, ripped off. Well known artists, not very well known artists. Writers, drawers, probably animators, etc. I’ve seen people be able to rectify the problem easily and I’ve seen people jump through hoops only to be told “shit happens.”

This worries me.

At one point, I had no problem with posting up stories on my rinky-dink site and on the more well-known clusterfuck that is (not knocking on FFN because there are some neat little stories on there and I still read it from time to time). But then my brain started going weird and I was under the impression that if I mentioned anything, someone else would do it and I’d be screwed.

Depending on who you are, it’s hard to prove who did the piece first. And in my own personal paranoia, it’s easier to write about what happens in everyday life and post it for the world to see because most of the time, it’s harder to make that shit up and, unless you’re a human leech, harder to take from you. Every so often, I’ll talk about writing, working on writing something, or being excited because I finished a short story.

But I’m not posting anything.

I’m not so worried about posting something because of misspellings, grammatical errors, etc. I’m not afraid of what other people would think: people have their opinions. What I do is not going to be enjoyed by everyone and I am perfectly fine with that. It’d be…really fucking boring if everyone liked the same things. It’d also be really bizarre if all I heard was great things about what I make.

I’m thrilled when I get positive remarks, but critiques are also intriguing. Even if they come from my own head.

Overall, I’m afraid that someone will take my story and put their name to it. Swear they created it and then I will be the one jumping through hoops to prove that this story is mine, this piece of art is mine. I want to share, but I also want acknowledgement. It could be “So, I found ____ from this person (me, you, someone else),” a link (since this is the interwebs), or something like that.

There’s a difference between printing out a story, buying a print, and going “I like this, but this watermark has got to go.”

I’m a bit worried about jumping feet first into this. Sure, there’s a small chance that someone will take it as their own (and I’m talking about the entire story, not the idea. Get an idea from one of my things and please, by all means, run with it.) Some people seem to be able to have the “fuckit” mentality and post their work easily and have no problem.

I also went through this when I decided to post up my little comic project. Will someone take my comic strips and tell others that my strips are theirs? What happens when I find out someone has taken my work and made money off of it? It took a while before I decided to post anything in it.

Now, when will it be when I do decide to make that leap into the unknown and post some of my written work for the world to see? (who am I kidding. There’s like…maybe five people I’m aware of who would read it) But, I’m not going to get anywhere if I horde my stash of work. I have no problem posting photos of things I’ve made, but I horde my pile of ideas like a traditional dragon hordes their gold and jewel stash.

(ok, I think I’m done on this subject for now)

Wines, opinions, and rantings

(holy fuck, I went on a rambling spree)


I never thought I would be a fan of wine, but I’ve learned that if you find one that isn’t…so gross the only decent thing to do is dump the entire bottle down the sink after one sip, then sometimes you find some fun wines to enjoy. It’s also fun when your local Kroger does wine tastings almost every Saturday afternoon for a couple hours.

I’m willing to try new things and the whole “must be super expensive to be good” is something that I don’t go by. I’m a cheap bastard (as I’ve mentioned quite a few other times), so unless I know I really enjoy the wine, I have a limit as to what I’m willing to spend on the bottle.

Which is why I somehow ended up with ten bottles of wine a couple weeks ago.

Normally, I’m willing to go between two, maybe three, bottles of wine until they’re done. But, we decided to try some new stuff. And, if it sucks, well, I’ve got other bottles to try out.

Left to right: Duplin’s Black River Red, Gabbiano’s Chianti, Chateau Morrisette’s Blackberry and Red Mountain Laurel, and Banrock Station’s Shiraz Cabernet Sauvingnon.

+ Duplin was pretty good, it was kind of like the perfect middle between Barefoot’s Sweet Red and Cupcake’s Red Velvet.

+ Gabbiano was really gross. It wasn’t as gross as Tomasillo’s Cherry wine (it is the only wine I have spit out into the sink). It was kind of like a mix between stomach bile and really bad apple cider vinegar. Usually, I’ll give a wine I don’t like two sips to see if it was just the first sip was just funky. I dumped it out.

Not even liver and fava beans could save this.

+ Chateu’s Blackberry: I got to try this at the wine tasting and it is really great. It’s like a lightly alcoholic blackberry juice with a bit of a twang.

+ Chateau’s Red Mountain Laurel: Since the Blackberry was awesome, I’d agreed to try another one they did. This one is really good. I’m figuring that if I try two or three more, then this pretty much means Chateau Morrisette can do no wrong.

+ Banrock Station’s is…weird. I’m not sure if I like it, I’m not sure if I hate it, and I’m not sure if I should dump it or not.

Left to Right: Barefoot’s Moscato Spumante, Williamsburg Winery’s James River White, Big House’s The Birdman (Pinot Grigio), Barefoot’s Red Moscato, and Williamsburg Winery’s Governor’s White.

+ Barefoot’s champagne: It tastes like apples, which I found bizarre. Jamie seemed to enjoy his small taste, but I wasn’t too crazy about it. The downside of this is that after the bubbles are mostly gone, it’s a pretty gross drink. I’ll stick with Verdi for my bubbly-stuff.

+ James River: I can’t remember if I’ve opened this one yet. I don’t think I have.

+ Birdman: This is the one I bought because I like the label. It’s actually a pretty good white wine, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I think it was on sale for like $5.  I am definitely willing to try another wine from this company.

+ Barefoot’s Red Moscato: is really great. It’s like if you can’t stand their Sweet Red, the Red Moscato is a nice alternative. This is the wine we’ve offered to smuggle someone to their job.

+ Governer’s White: I got to try this at a wine tasting and I really enjoyed it. It’s a mix of three seperate wines together. It’s light and enjoyable.

Not pictured is Parfait’s Red Wine (year is noted as 2009). The bottle is cute, very flowery and…girly, but it is just so disgusting, it didn’t survive the two-sip test. Jamie watched as I made a horrible face (I can’t even remember what this tasted like besides “absolutely horrible”)

In my weird little journey of finding wines to enjoy (because one little Manders can only drink so much Kracken or Burnett’s at one time before swearing to not drink liquor for a while), I’ve found that I’ve been enjoying my “Local Virginia Wines.” It’s been pretty fun finding wines that are from around our area (according to Virginia, we’re considered the “Blue Ridge” area, which has…206 wineries)

One of the really cool things is that if they’re local, chances are, one of their representatives will show up to moderate wine tasting at our local Kroger at some point. This happened with Chateau Morrisette. The wine I got to taste was really great and the representative was really awesome. He pointed out that there are hiking trails near the winery and they have wine tastings available; Jamie and I agreed we’d have to steal a couple friends–one who would hike with Jamie and one who would try wine with me.

We had a great experience with one of the representatives from AmRhein’s Winery. It was fascinating wine to try. If I’m remembering right, there was one I didn’t like so she offered to pour a taste out of one of the other bottles. It was really great.

The girl who did the Williamsburg Winery wine was not a representative of their company, but was someone who was doing tastings for different wines. The Williamsburg wine was great, but her comment of “It’s fruit juice for grownups” when I pointed out one of the wines tasted kind of like Barefoot Sweet Red irked me. Isn’t the point to be nice, personable, and try to Sell The Product? Not point out the great things about these wines and then insult a wine that the potential customer just said they liked.

But, that was nothing compared to Veritas.

We happened to show up while they were doing a wine tasting and it’s a Local Virginia Wine. The guy is trying so hard to sell sell sell to this middle-aged couple. It reminded me of the times I’d sat in on Princess House parties and Amway sales pitches (even when we were guinea pigs for my aunt’s speil for Cutco). It’s obvious the couple is being polite and that’s cool.

I walked up, pulled my ID out (because I don’t look my age, yay), and at first waited patiently for the representative to stop talking for two seconds to pay attention to Potential New Customer and ask if I’d like to try the wine. But no. He noticed me, he noticed me staying there, but chose to ignore me and continue with his pitch to this other couple.

Jamie got a call from Fred and walked off. I had stood at a pretty close spot to his little table-o-goodies and was obviously interested. But, I am one of those people who hates interrupting others. It irritates the shit out of me when people interrupt me, so I hate doing it to other people. It’s rude and fucking annoying.

The guy is physically stopping himself from looking my way. Yes, I realize a headband, young face, and baggy pants does not make me look like an enjoyer of wine. But, how hard is it to stop and take 15 seconds to ask if the obviously interested party is interested in this?

Jamie showed up, I gave him an irritated look, and put my ID back in my wallet. Put my wallet back in my pocket and walked away. I’m irritated and poor Jamie had to deal with it. (we double checked the time and realized I’d been standing there for about 15 minutes while the rep was going off on a memorized speil about how there’s really no reason why they named it “Starfruit White,” they just liked how the name sounded.)

After we got home, I wrote on Twitter (because we live in a society where Twitter and Facebook are social norms) to Veritas winery that while I’m sure their wines are great, I will not patronize them thanks to their representative.

I’m kind of surprised that it turned to where I do not want to try anything by this company. I enjoy patronizing local wineries, just like I enjoy patronizing other local shops and stuff. But if your representative is so terrible and trying so hard to push a $4.50 bottle of wine on one couple while ignoring everyone else, then I don’t want to have anything to do with them. And if your representative is doing such a terrible job while in public, I really don’t want to know or experience anything else from that company.

If I had said something, would it have been different? Possibly. I may have tried one of their wines that day. If the manager for the wine department was there, things may have been different too. Because she is awesome and is super sweet (and probably would’ve pointed out that the rep had an interested party Right There). Who knows.

But hey, I have Chateau Morrisette, AmRhein’s, and Williamsburg Winery to choose wines from. They’re good wines and the representatives are pretty great. There are hundreds of different cheap wines to choose from, so I don’t have to worry about running out of options.

It’s like a coffee smoothie

So! Stuff (I want to write something, I have no regrets)

I’m not a huge fan of going to coffee shops and buying coffee. I have a perfectly functional coffee maker on the counter and we used to have a mostly-functional latte maker (until we threw it away because we broke part of it over a year ago and we’ve been dealing with it ever since). Our Local Coffee Shop is…well, I would assume it is the average nuisance of Hip Coffee Shop where 90% of the employees make you feel like it’s a privelage for them to help you and almost everyone who is in the shop as a customer are special snowflakes and you’re just a simple peon who doesn’t deserve to be in the same shop as them.

I hate this coffee shop. Good coffee, but not worth the aggrevation and headache that comes with simple ordering.

The other Local Coffee Shop has ceased to exist (for failure to pay rent). These were awesome people, but way out of our way so it was a nice little treat the handful of times we found our way near that area.

And now we simply have Starbucks, Starbucks in Barnes and Noble, little Java The Hutts (little one or two person shacks, kind of like the Sno-Cone shacks that pop up every spring/summer), and Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea. Still doesn’t get me to want coffee from places.

However, last Thursday I wound up at the urgent care at the mall to see if I could get something looked at. After I was about to flip the fuck out over the guy behind the counter, I walked across the road (making sure to not get run over by the cars going 50+ mph), and made my way to the Barnes and Noble that is at this particular mall.

I decided that I was going to get a coffee. I blame our friend Robert for posting about Starbucks all over his Twitter feed because of the @dumpstarbucks campaign. I was also rather pissed off and needed something to calm me down besides just stalking through the bookstore and wanting books. Jamie, being the awesome guy he is, agreed that I should get a book and to completely ignore the fact that he bought me Joe Hill’s “Horns” a few days prior.

I decided against getting Ursula Vernon’s Dragonbreath #4 (which gets referred to as “Batbreath” on her blog) because I keep forgetting it’s $13 a book and while I love Ursula and her work, I really don’t want to pay $13 for one of the Dragonbreath books right now. Then again, I don’t want to pay $35 for the entirety of Alan Moore’s “From Hell” graphic novel nor $65 for any of the Arkham Horror games.

I wound up getting both “Fragile Things” and “Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman, even realizing that I am going to overload on Neil’s work and I should’ve gotten “Eulalia!”, “Doomwhyte,” or one of Terry Pratchett’s books. But, I ended up opening “Fragile Things” up to “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” and read a couple paragraphs and had to know what happened next. Then I found that “Smoke and Mirrors” has a Shoggoth story, so I couldn’t decide and Jamie pointed out I should get them both because, really, why not?

Then I decided to try an actual Frappuccino instead of going for a bottled one. These things are awesome. It’s like a coffee smoothie and is really fucking awesome. I told Jamie about it and he asked for me to order one for him closer to the time that he was coming to pick me up.

Since last Thursday, we’ve had a few other Frappuccinos from one of the stand-alone Starbucks shops. Yesterday, Jamie surprised me with a Mocha one and a cookie that was described as “like a brownie in your mouth.” Both were really good, but I ended up with a chocolate overload and was slightly nauseous (I also blame the fact I was munching on a little bit of super-rich brownie during my day of work).

I finished the cookie this morning with some regular coffee from our coffee pot. But now, I am going to knock Snooch off me so I can go do stuff.

So, I think I did things

I realized I really wanted to update the blog, but I really have no idea what to write about. So, I wrote down a short-ish list of Things That Happened and decided I’d do a post about it.


So, things that happened today:

+ Pissed off a woman by having her just read my Required-To-Wear T-Shirt (campaign going on at work and everyone who worked today was required to wear it.)

+ Listened to a Little Old Lady spout off slurs, cusswords, and an angry monologue as she stomped out of the store. Why? Because one of my co-workers happens to be Russian and was trying to help her out with something. She went off about how she “can’t fucking go anywhere without all these god damned foreigners everywhere.” Wow. She also continued on about how they “can’t speak or understand any damn English.” My co-worker who helped her had to get me to translate her terrible handwriting so he could put her name into the system.

+ Made the register spazz. Go me.

+ Weirded out my manager and my co-worker by bringing 6 boxes of Peeps up to the register while on my lunch break. They wouldn’t listen when I was attempting to explain that it’s for a personal project (“Peepshow” actually)

+ Had a customer go “Awww” in that “aww how cute” way while I was explaining that I do art. He asked if I was an artist (no, not in the slightest. I just make things) and nodded before stating that I was an artist (awww). This is why I don’t tell people things I do in “normal” company because I get reactions like this and it makes me feel that what I’m doing (or working on) is obsolete or stupid.

+ Pissed off a Little Old Lady because her coupon didn’t print out.

+ Jamie surprised me with a Mocha Frappuccino and a cookie. He said he had to get the cookie because the barista was so enthusiastic and happily told him that “it’s like a brownie in your mouth.” (om nom nom. Both are really good)

+ I had a lady try to convince me to get a pedometer. This is not as exciting as the Little Old Lady who enthusiastically tried to convinve me that I needed my Very Own handgun and Concealed Weapons permit (because “Every young woman should have one.”)

+ Creeped out a guy by telling him my pocket knife came from a dead guy’s house. (I found it at an estate sale. But I felt justified)

+ Had a little girl get excited over my Peep tattoo.

+ Izzy licked my nose and hit my nose ring. Ow. Thankfully it wasn’t a full-on nose ring lick; it was a barely there with barely contained excitement while Jamie held on to her.

+ Got invited to one Little Old Lady’s church for the Easter sermon. It was really sweet and she was so happy that I helped her. I felt bad for telling her I have to work Easter Sunday (it’s true, I do). She told me I just had to come to one of the services “any time” I was available. It was really sweet.

+ Had a woman buy cigarettes and then demand “Where’s my matches?!” I informed her we don’t have free books of matches; she shoved her cigarettes in her purse and stomped away in a huff. (I am highly entertained when people get all in a tizzy when they find out we don’t have “complementary” books of matches for them to grab)



+ I got yelled at by a moron because it is “bullshit” that giftcards cannot be used for tobacco products. It’s against federal regulations. He came back later and apologized to me. Apparently after spazzing out about how the whole ordeal was bullshit, he called me a string of wonderful names when I wasn’t paying attention.

+ Because of this, I managed to teach my Russian co-worker the phrase “flipped his shit,” which he found highly entertaining.

+ Went to go put up stock and found that most of it is New Stuff. I bought one of the New Things (Caress body wash has this something-something with orange rose and it smells wonderful).

+ Found that some of the New Stock had to be salvaged because a bottle of body wash exploded in the tote. My hands smelled like “Ocean Breeze” for a while. Learned that Dial has Hello Kitty soap and was very entertained.

+ Watched a customer over-dramatize a too-small bracelet and then whinge about how *expensive* they were before walking out (she did not walk out with one of the bracelets). It was almost as funny as watching the faces of the customers who grab bottles of Essie nail polish and then find out at the register that they are $8 a bottle.

+ Jamie came by and surprised me. I also got a kiss, lunch, *and* brownies. It was an awesome little surprise.

+ Found boxes for stuff (like camphor rub and perfumes) empty at the Clearance rack. Dude, seriously, just take the damn box if you’re going to steal the product.

+ But, I did become quite…flabbergasted and slightly awed by the person who ripped off the cardstock over-package for a Wahl head shaver kit, open it, pull out the sheet that goes around the shoulders and stick the security tag on it before stealing the shaver kit. (this happened while I was on my lunch break so I was not around. I’ve been kind of wondering how the person pulled it off)

+ We got the Crystal Light “Mocktinis” in and I became highly amused by them.

+ Found out one of my managers peirced his septum in high school with a stapler.

+ Pissed off a woman because she wanted a refund for a gift card that someone had given her. I had to explain that we cannot refund gift cards. She asked why, I told her it was company policy. She became agitated and over-accentuated “I don’t even eat there.” I explained there should be an 800 number on the back, call them, and see what they can do because it is against company policy to refund gift cards. She reiterated the not eating at the specified restraunt the card was for and stalked out.

Really? Ok, I was given a Red Robin gift card. I don’t eat there, but I know someone who does, so I gave it to them and made them very happy. See? Problem solved.

+ I also found a container of nail polish where one of the bottles had exploded and nail polish was everywhere in the container. At least it was dried.


Other things:

On Friday, I got a text message from Jamie going off about how he really wanted a peircing, we should totally get a peircing, he really wants a peircing, come on, let’s go get something peirced. So, we came home, dropped my stuff off, and headed over to Alex’s.

I decided that I would try this peircing thing again. Hell, I’d had both arms prodded with syringes to see what was going on with my chest earlier in the week (found it was a “severe inter-muscular spasm”) so I should be able to do this no problem. I’ve wanted my nose peirced and there are no rules on facial peircings for my job, which was awesome.

When I had my lip peirced, I had asked what the rules were and if I could do it. I was given the okie-dokie. The next day that I worked after getting it done, I got my ass chewed out for it. Shortly thereafter (not because of this), I went to a different job where I was banned from “any facial peircings whatsoever and only one set of earrings for women only” and the manager there would get in my face to make sure I didn’t have anything in it. Needless to say, I lost the peircing.

So, I got my nose done. I’m pretty proud of myself as I didn’t scream. Jason (the peircer) is really cool about things and he did a really great job. Jamie decided that he wanted his nipples re-pierced and found that peircing through scar tissue was pretty unpleasant. Jamie tipped Jason really well (and apparently it surprised him. Remember folks: always tip your tattoo artist or peircer, especially if they do a good job).

Afterwards, Jamie admitted he doesn’t like watching people get peirced. I was a bit surprised, but then again when he got some of his earlier peircings I couldn’t watch. I think I’ve gotten better about it over the years.

Strangely, having my nose peirced hurt a lot less than having my lip peirced. There’s a lot more nerve endings at the nasal area, which is why no matter where you peirce (nostril, septum, philtrum), you will always tear up.

But, this has confirmed that I like tattoos way more and I will stick with tattoos.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers asked me if I did it for aesthetic reasons. I told him no, it was for bravity (it’s like bravery, only better). I don’t like needles, I really don’t like hollow-needles, and it was something to try.

This morning my store manager asked me why I didn’t go for a stud because those “are nicer.” I told him I didn’t want a stud, I liked hoops and hoops are easier for peircing. And I realized, yet again,  that I like working here. I work with an eclectic group of people who all have their different quirks and it’s embraced instead of ignored or shunned. And I think that is awesome.