Girlie (?) things –small reviews

I’m not supposed to be doing much right now, so I’m lamenting not doing laundry while working on a commission that I feel bad for not finishing yet.

So, I want to talk about some stuff I’ve tried out::

Organix brand shampoos. I have four of them because there was a small sale going on where it was Buy One get One Free on all the Organix products available. I had gotten the Cherry Blossom Ginger conditioner on clearance from another place and enjoyed it, so I thought it would be fun to try these out. From left to right::

Brazilian Keratin Therapy: Smells great, makes my hair feel soft, lathers up fairly well. Goes well with regular conditioners, doesn’t dry out my hair (though it may dry out someone else’s). The only downside is that it takes forever for hair to dry after using it, but my hair normally takes forever to dry with regular shampoo so I can’t really go on that.

Acai Berry Avacado: Smells pretty good. It does not mix well with Cherry Blossom Ginger conditioner smell wise (imagine walking into a Bath and Bodyworks and candleshop crammed into the detergent section of the grocery store.), made my hair feel like straw while still in the shower, and afterwards it just felt and looked dirty. At least, that’s how it seemed to me.

Awapuhi Ginger: Smells decent, seemed like fun to try out. I felt this was the worst of the four: it does not lather, it dried my hair out like crazy. My hair takes a few hours to dry (I don’t blowdry it), but within 30 to 45 minutes my hair was completely dry and…stiff feeling. Kind of like I had put a bunch of hairspray in and went out to go do yardwork. It also made my scalp hurt.

Cherry Blossom Ginseng: Light smell, lathers up fairly well, I don’t have to use the conditioner with this one. I really like the cherry blossom one and it seems like this one would be really great for those who want a light smell but not overly perfumey.

I’ve learned, if you do not have hair that holds moisture like crazy, it’s a better idea to get the shampoo and conditioner. Do not do what I did and just grab a few different shampoos. The Brazillian one is really great, but as I’m writing this, it’s been 3 1/2 hours and my hair is still not dry. (but, strangely, I am used to this)

I don’t know if I would reccomend this brand to people. Sure, it’s cheaper than John Freida, but so is Pantene. If you want to try it out, I do reccomend waiting until it goes on sale where you see Buy One get One Free or 2-for $___. These things are usually about $8 a bottle and have a lower net-weight than most others. But, it’s also pretty good for colour-treated hair (though, if you used L’Oreal Feria, it’ll help rip the colour out after one or two shampoos but I think that was due to the hair dye and not the shampoo)


The other day, I had a woman come stomping up to my register demanding a refund. One of the items, she couldn’t open and wanted to exchange it for something else and that didn’t bother me, what got me was the other two items she demanded a refund for.

She had bought fairly cheap nail polish to try out: Sinful Colors (in a nice, light blue) and this crackle polish called 2012 (in Bright Fucking Orange). It was a hideous combination, but hey, it may look really neat together so who knows.

She informed me that she bought these earlier in the day to try out but they look so cheap after one layer on your nails that she was very unhappy, she wanted her money back, she did not appreciate that we sell “such cheap nail polish,” and omg it streaks so bad after one layer.

I use Sinful Colors. Yes, it is a cheap nail polish, but so is Wet & Wild (and I like Wet & Wild), but all nail polish streaks after one layer. At least, all nail polish that I’ve tried out streaks with one layer. This is why most people do two layers.

The woman shoved her fingers in my face while going off on a tangent about how she had to somewhere else to buy new nail polish to “fix” everything. It was one layer, full of streaks, and there was Bright Neon Orange polish all around her nails. Not just the one layer on her fingernails, but in little gobs on the flesh around the nails. This was a middle aged woman, and from my experiences, the only people who have a problem keeping most of the colour off the bits of finger around the nail are those who’ve never done it before, small children, or those who do not have steady hands.

Hell, I still get tiny bits of polish around my nails every now and then, but I get it off before I go out of the house.

But, I got curious. I wanted to try out this crackle polish to see how it looked. It took a bit to find the black (named “Eternity” in this little series of polish) because there’s a nice dark blue (named “Temptation”) and it was in front of the black.

This is the 2012 crackle polish (it’s…uhh…”cherimoya” brand) overtop of the Sinful Colors “Daredevil” (which is a lot brighter than what the photo shows). The crackle polish is $2.99, unlike the Sally Hansen brand (which is like $7 or $8). This actually looks pretty cool. The crackle is not all that bad, though I did find that it is a good idea to put a clear coat overtop this because if you don’t, the crackle just continues to break up and do things.

Personally, this does not “look cheap” to me. This looks like crackle polish overtop of some other nail polish. I’m under the impression that if I had gotten the Sally Hansen brand, I would get the same results.

Also, the mess in the background is my Bag of Yarn. I am working on a commission that requires yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.


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