Don’t ask “what next”? More crap will happen

Things keep happening. But, that’s part of life: stuff just happens, stuff keeps happening, and stuff will continue to happen to, and in, that life until that life ceases to exist.

I have learned that my New Phone has a couple problems. No one can hear me when I’m speaking to them, so I have to put it on speaker (which is a huge problem if I’m anywhere outside of the house), and the little box that shows what I’m typing when I’m doing messages has freaked a few times and I have been unable to see what I’m writing. I agreed with Jamie to give it a few more days and then if things aren’t doing better (and if I find that this is a normal occurrance), that I will go and bother the Verizon guys and see what we can do.

We got home…Monday evening and found that at some point the power went out. This is usually not a problem unless the power has been out for quite a while and has the possibility to not come on for a while more. This is because we have Dante and Dante needs heat (which is why we keep “Hot Hands” on hand just in case. we love our grumpy old little gecko.)

But, this did cause a problem. Our desktop PC was not cutting back on.

This poor computer has not been the best thing in the world, we were screwed over when we purchased it because, my guess is, the guy who was selling it was under the impression that he could sell us anything and we wouldn’t know any better. The guy who helped us with the deal is still pretty pissed that this happened.

We’ve had this poor thing for almost four years (pretty damn good considering the usual life span of computers these days), and it’s been showing signs of wanting to die. So, when the power shut off the other day, it helped the fan die.

I attempted to start it back up, gave up, and Jamie got it to start. I spent my time stealing his flash drive so I could get things off the PC. I grabbed the things I felt were important: story ideas, photos and video, passwords, and bookmarks. I decided to leave the music files, audio books, and things I had saved from the internet because I can always go back and find them again some other time.

I really don’t mind if the PC dies completely (right now it’s in this strange state of zombification. I’m waiting on it to demand brains), but if it dies completely and cannot be rebooted, there goes the modem so Jamie can’t be on his laptop and pay bills. Awesome. So, I get to wait and see how much money I get on my paycheck and (besides saving some for bills/food) see if I can buy a cheap tower. I don’t need a monitor (I love this monitor, this thing is awesome, even if it likes to cut back on randomly), I just need the tower. I should be able to find something cheap to throw down there.

We mainly use the PC to hold photos and video, I use it to play on the internet and sometimes type.

And my keypad on my phone just died again. I am going to go research this a bit while Jamie’s eggs are boiling.


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