Rambling about house stuff

So, we’re doing yardwork. The yard is thawed (shit, it’s been between 60 and 75 for the past four or five days) so we can get cracking on what we want to do. We’re expanding our fence so the dogs can have more room and kids will stop cutting through part of our yard. It’s always been a bit strange with that part of the property–wrap around driveway which is no longer there and a “studio” which has been ripped down that people used to go into to smoke until we put a lock on the door. We’re adding privacy fencing around the area, which will keep the dogs from being able to jump out of the yard just in case anyone attempts to bother them through the fence again.

We tore down the majority of the studio a while ago and had made plans to turn it into a firepit area. We’ve learned that we needed to get gravel before pouring the concrete after we pretty much lost three bags of quick-mix concrete in one little area. 9 bags of gravel later and we need a bit more gravel to give a basic layer so the concrete doesn’t just seep into the holes.

This weekend, we’ll be working more on the fence and firepit with the help of Fred because Fred is awesome (and he has a truck).

At some point, we’ll be ripping up the damn shrubs that are at the front porch and finishing cutting down the half-dead pine tree in the front yard so we can rip out the roots and plant a new tree.

Other house things:

We got a new couch (at no cost to us because it is always awesome when you just happen to know someone, or happen to know someone who knows someone, that works at a furniture factory). We were originally supposed to pay around $50 because it was a reject and someone spilled a quarter-sized splotch of coffee on one of the cushions. It was a reject because it’s a two-piece sectional and the two pieces are two different colours: the longer bit is a cream/light tan colour and the smaller section is a light tan/beige/taupe colour. It’s a really nice couch. It’s also our first New couch as the other ones we’ve had were a futon my mom bought to replace her old couch, one Jamie had had for years, and Rhonda’s old couch (which was taken away by the bulk-trash guys yesterday).

Now, the dogs are officially banned from the living room because we have a nice couch. Beside our New Couch (squee), we have a Ficus tree. We wanted a little foliage to add in the living room and I spent a while trying to find a plant that was not toxic because Snooch has a habit of chewing on any living plant in this house. Right now, he has not chewed on the Ficus (probably because the leaves have these tiny little serated edges) and he’s working on chewing on my roses that are in the kitchen.

Because we got the New Couch, we had to move our massive 6ft x 6ft bookshelf and because we had to do this, we decided to rearrange the bookshelves so we could show off books that we love in the living room and everything else in the side room. It took a while, but we’ve managed to get an awesome setup. Our living room bookshelves are an interesting collection of random books (Mammoth anthologies, UFO books, Terry Pratchett novels, most of our horror collection, Neverwhere, and many, many others).


(had more stuff written, but about different things, and decided to not add it to the post. )


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