girlie moment (nail polish!)

I want to write about nail polish, so let’s talk nail polish. (the weird streak thing in the photos is from my phone being stupid)

I am a simple person and I am a fan of “the cheap stuff.” I have a small collection of Bon Bons, Sinful Colors, and Wet & Wild colours. I have no problem openly balking at paying more than $4 a bottle for the stuff. Hell, I openly balk at spending more than $2 for nail polish unless it’s a hardener or something similar (then I’ll balk if it’s over $6).

I don’t get why L’Oreal is consistenly over $6 a bottle, I don’t get why Essie is $8 a bottle, and I don’t get why Sally Hansen will always be found at somewhere between $5 and $9 depending on the type of polish. I feel that if other brands can easily sell their nail polishes for an average of uner $3 a bottle, then why should these companies sell theirs for a whole lot more? They’re all basically the same with a few differences here and there, so are some of these more expensive because they’re “name brands” or because some brands find it ok to charge more for their other items so why not these as well?

When I was working for a different company a little over a year ago, I decided I wanted Neon Colored nail polish and searched around. At the time, the only things I could find was on Amazon. I looked through a few different things, decided against the glow-in-the-dark ones because they look terrible in the day time and I could easily wait for Halloween to get a bottle for $1 if I really wanted some. I eventually decided on a six-pack of Neon Colors by a brand I had never heard of. They had a great rating (4.5 out of 5 stars) and while it was a bit pricey, I could afford to splurge a bit.

The brand in question is Kleancolor.

They looked great when I got them, it took only 2 layers to get the colours looking great on my nails and holy shit those are some bright damn colours. The orange was referred to “parking cone hazard orange” and I was a bit sad to find that the blue I got wasn’t Neon as I had hoped but a regular dark blue. It was a really nice blue, just not what I had wanted at that time. But, then again, Bright Neon Blue is kind of hard to find in a shade that someone wants. My Neon Blue might be different from the next person’s Neon Blue.

I found myself…a bit grossed out by the Neon Yellow. I’m not a huge fan of yellow nail polish, and this yellow looks like dog pee on white tile.

I don’t know what happened, but three of the nail polishes started turning white. I know it’s not because I left them on a shelf in the bathroom because I had other brands in there as well and nothing happened to them.

I tried fixing the colours by shaking them and using toothpicks to swirl them around, but it didn’t help. I guess this was brought on by how the colours are acheived? Who knows. While it is fascinating to watch the colour slowly seep out of these, it’s also kind of irritating because this isn’t supposed to happen. So, now I know to not buy this brand again.

So, I’m on my next brand to try out: Sinful Colors. They’re relatively cheap ($2 a bottle unless you happen to find them on sale, then it’s $1 a bottle), while they are an obscure brand they’re fairly easy to find while out and about, and there’s a ton of colors to choose from.

There’s a couple colours that look great in the bottle but suck when you put them on (the pearlescent ones). I’ve figured that some other colour would be good to put on first and then the pearlescent colour. I’ve noticed two layers are best to make the colours stand out and look good.

I couldn’t decide what colour I wanted to do, so I did five. Left to right: Thimbleberry (or “timbleberry”), Mint Apple, Daredevil, Savage, and thumb: Cinderella.

Cinderella needs at least two layers, I’m a bit irked by Savage because it has the same matte look that a Sally Hansen Neon colour had that I tried a few years back. But the plus to Savage is that it hasn’t chipped after 20 minutes.

No, back to documentaries and knitting. I can’t believe I’m getting excited over nail polish, but hey, it’s a cheap enjoyment. A buck or two for a bottle and you’re set for a while.


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