I Live!

I’ve been wanting to write, but every time I go to write anything I stop because it sounds like crap or I just don’t feel like continuing. So, what’s been going on in the world of Manders?

Dobbie’s growing his fur back, though it looks like his face and front legs are getting all the action right now.

I’m making scarves because apparently I’m awesome (and damn crazy). But they’re fun to do and I enjoy it so it doesn’t really bother me all that much. That and one of my customers is amazing and is cool with however long it’ll take me to make the scarf.

Speaking of scarves, I’m working on a blog post about pricing things and my reasoning as to why I’m charging what I’m charging. Right now it’s a rambling mess that will be added on to.

Let’s see…

I’m determined to do book and film reviews. I haven’t done any since sometime in September and it’d be nice to work on them. I’ve been attempting to keep a list of things that need to be reviewed (which are thankfully not as long as the last time I had to do a mass-update of reviews) and I’ve started on working on reviews themselves. But, I got…bored? stuck? irked? something and stopped in the middle of both a book review and a film review and decided to do something else.

Since the beginning of the year, I have:

+ Finished George Martin’s Clash of Kings

+ Read Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up (it was a fast read)

+ Attempted to read Zak Bagans’ Dark World (I gave up with 30 pages to go)

+ Re-started and actually finished Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

+ Attempted to read Vampire Stories of the American South (and promptly decided I could do better than the first four authors I attempted to read as well as decided it might be worth the $2 spent but probably for only one author because Jamie really likes the guy’s work)

+ Started George Martin’s Storm of Swords

+ Read the first page of The Devil Wears Prada, decided that it was not worth the approximate 10-cents I paid for it over three years ago, and that it would make a better *something* if I just ripped it apart.

+ Read Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book for the first time and realized, yet again, that Dave McKean does really fucked up, but fucking awesome, artwork. This also helped me realize that I should probably attempt to read Clive Barker’s Everville again.

As for films (and yay for Netflix):

Since the beginning of January:

+ Jamie and I watched Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus just to see how bad it is and because Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus was hilarious.

+ I tried to get Jamie to watch Subspecies 2: Bloodstone. We’re 11 minutes in and haven’t gotten back to it.

+ We finally watched Paranormal Activity. It would’ve been much better if we hadn’t seen the Chiller Channel special or known that “the good stuff” happens when the clock slows down.

+ We attempted to watch The Burrowers and it really is like watching paint dry and it’s like you have to continue because something *may* happen soon. But then you realize you’re over the halfway mark and the most interesting thing happening is the tall grass moving in the middle of the night.

+ We watched The Chair, which was surprisingly good. It’s an interesting little b-film.

+ I have attempted to watch The Canterville Ghost, because I like Patrick Stewart, and…it’s almost painful to watch. I’m not even halfway done with it and I don’t know if I’ll continue, or attempt to continue it, again.

Checking the Netflix Instant-Watch re-hash, I can tell where I was really sick (and banned from work per doctor’s orders) and just watched or listened to stuff.

+ I learned that Trigun is not my thing

+ I listened to 2 Louis C.K. standup things (Hilarious, which I watched maybe half of, and Chewed Up). I found him quite entertaining.

+ I listened to Russell Peters (Red, White and Brown; The Green Card Tour) because I find Russell Peters quite hilarious.

+ I listened to Hal Sparks’ Charmageddon and Craig Ferguson’s Wee Bit o’Revolution as well as a couple of the George Carlin specials.

Now that I’m writing these down (up?) I’m realizing that I watched a lot more films than the four I distinctly remember (3 from yesterday and 1 from the other day). Maybe writing down the breifest of thoughts on them will help get my lazy butt to writing somewhat decent reviews on them.


+ Finished The Wild and Wonderful Whites. It was like 10 minutes left and I was a bit curious as to how they wrapped the documentary up.

+ Watched Nightwatch. It’s not the awesome Russian film based on a book from a series, but a weird psychological thriller from…1997. Wow, I thought it was an early 90s film not a mid-90s film. I was surprised, this is a fascinating film and it was pretty good.

+ I watched Dylan Dog and…I was sorely disappointed. Not surprised at all by my disappointment, most of the zombies were pretty cool. I kind of want to check out the comic to see how bad the film fucked it up.

+ I attempted to watch Order of the Black Eagle, because it was on one of the ICHC sites, and all it’s overly glorious cheesiness couldn’t get me past the 20-minute mark.

Jamie and I went out, for the first time in 3 years, to the theatre. We saw the First Showing on Opening Night for Underworld 4: Awakening. We joked with a group of guys about how if it was bad, we’d be making fun of the film right along with them. We were pleasantly surprised, they set it up for Number 5 easily, and the 3D stuff wasn’t as bad as Up. It really did seem like shit was flying at you or the silver-nitrate was floating around the theatre like glitter. We’ll probably get the DVD at some point.

And yesterday:

+ I re-watched the documentary on H. H. Holmes because I find serial killers fascinating.

+ Watched The Way We Get By, which is a really great documentary and also really sad but pretty awesome.

+ I attempted to watch Dear Mr Gacy, but stopped at the “take a picture of me all hot and sweaty” because…I just couldn’t continue. And then I realized that the lead actor is also one of the actors from Ginger Snaps, which made it a bit more awkward.

+ So I went on to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead which is a fascinating documentary and has some cheesy animation to go with it. I had the urge to make a smoothie, but didn’t want to deal with the sound of the blender.

+ Re-watched a couple episodes of Doctor Who because Doctor Who is awesome.

+ Started watching Dive! I have approximately 16 minutes left, but I don’t know if I can continue with it. It’s a fascinating documentary, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know if *I* can continue. I’m sure other people wouldn’t have a problem continuing on with it.

…And this came out to be much longer than I expected. I gotta take the beasties out, Izzy has to have a bath today, I have to re-wash some blankets and wash some other things, and I should probably work on the scarves a bit.


let’s try this.

I want to write, so I’ll…ramble. I really have no idea what to write about.

I’m not at the point of existential crisis and contemplating why am I here. I’m more at the point of what the hell happened? When did writing down what happened during the day, or an idea, stop happening all the time? When did I become so damn boring? (I can’t really say, when did I become such a lazy bastard because I’ve…always been a lazy bastard.)

I’m not much on resolutions. I’m all for ideas and plans. Even though my time-management sucks, I’ll stick with “I have an idea.”

To do something a little different, I decided to go ahead and get my hair cut because I was starting to look like a mash between my dad and Jaime Lannister (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau…had to imdb the spelling of that). Apparently I am not very good at voicing my opinion of what I want, so I ended up looking more like Jaime Lannister. Two bottles of bleach hairdye later, I am now amused that I look like Korin no Seiji (Sage of Halo) from YST/Ronin Warriors.

I know now to not do this with my hair this short and without an undercut. This looks…interesting. Weirds out my coworkers a bit.

I’ve got a couple blog-posts planned (omg, I’m doing plans!) for the upcoming, rambly-filled future. The plan is to do more creative things. So, work on perler bead things (first, fuse the thing I’ve got on the pegboards first.) and get a photo of it up; make scarves, hats, figure out amigurimi (I have “Creepy Cute Crochet” and promised a zombie to Bob, Action Hero since he got us the book); work on comics, edit stories and write more, compile story ideas into one area instead of Many Notebooks and Folders somewhere in the basement. It’s a fun idea.

So, readings:

I have started on “Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King. I somehow managed to plow my way through “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” so I’m going to try my hand at this. I’m trying very hard to not have an opinion on it just yet.

I am finally on “A Storm of Swords” by George R R Martin. Jamie has been reassuring me that Book 3 is much better than Book 2 (Clash of Kings). And, The Red Wedding is in this and I want to know who dies. Don’t tell me. I’ve been pretty good and keeping away from things like the GoT-wiki.

Mom bought me “Dark World” by Zak Bagans (holy fuck, that book is $25!) and I’ve been amusing myself with reading this. It’s pretty fascinating, but it’s also kind of like watching a few episodes of Ghost Adventures and then checking his Twitter feed (yes, I am a dork and follow Zak Bagans on Twitter. I also follow Wil Wheaton) with a dash of new little tidbits. In a way, it kind of reminds me of all the times I read the stories that Dave Juliano posts on his website that get emailed to him.

This means that we’ll have to update The Master List again. We kind of got all messed up because Jamie and I went through our bookshelves and got rid of some books, then I got these, and then we hit Barnes and Noble and scoured their Clearance shelf and got a couple books (“Born Standing Up” half off? Hell yes I will take it!). We have three different versions of the Master List (one of them being on my rinky-dink site and has not been updated since I put it up there), one is on Jamie’s laptop, and one is on his work computer.

I’ve also got to do book reviews for things I’ve read. I didn’t keep a list of what I read, I never wrote a review for “Afraid” or “Creepers” and I am so screwed when it comes to “Game of Thrones” and “Clash of Kings.” I also need to work on film reviews. We sat down and watched Megashark vs Crocosaurus for the hell of it and…wow. We MST’d the whole thing.

I’m planning on updating the blog more. Work’s been a bit crazy and I’m getting extra hours so my typing window is getting more obscure and weird. And as much as I love irritating Jamie with my Obnoxiously Loud Typing, I don’t care to do much of it while he’s here.

And, Dobbie is getting fur on his head. So now he’s not all weird and scabby but soft and fuzzy with two little tufts of fur at the top of his head. It’s adorable and hilarious.