Here we go

It’s been…an interesting couple of weeks. (beware incoherency, jumping from topic to topic) When not working, I’ve been playing with puppies and stuff.

We are currently fostering a 6-month old border collie mix puppy who has a severe case of demodex mange. His name is Dobbie but we also lovingly refer to him as our little goblin dog. He has no fur on his face, he’s learning crate training and learning that there are things called dog cookies which are awesome, especially when given after nasty medication. He’s a trip.


Work is *insane* and it’s been an interesting ride. While I’ll be happy that the Season will be over, in a way I’ll miss the excess amount of stuff to do. But, this job is more enjoyable than my last job and I am happy with that.

I spent some time getting acquainted with Warehouse 13 and find that it is *awesome* and geeky and really cool and I’m very glad that I have Netflix back and it is on Insta-Watch. Sure, I have missed Season 3 episode 1 through 8 (because Siffy has episode 9 through 12/13 on their website), but I feel the most I missed was some artifacts gathered and whatshisface showing up (ok, so I kinda know the guy’s work, Aaron Ashmore, because he did a few stints in Are You Afraid of the Dark?, but it looks like I’m more familiar [like most of us] with his brother’s work, Shawn Ashmore. Both are still cool though)

I attempted to read The Devil Wears Prada and have decided that this book is on the same level as Twilight since I could barely get a page in before wanting to stab my eyeballs out (but, at least, with this book, my ear didn’t start bleeding). This is a book that, I feel, is a waste of the 15-cents I paid for it. I could’ve grabbed another book and left this one to one of the mindless drones running amok and shoving anything and everything into their bags without a second glance to the title. (I had acquired the book while we were at the Fucking Awesome OMG Giant Booksale that goes on every September)

So, I am planning on ripping the book apart and turning it into something better. I don’t know what exactly I’ll turn these pages of newsprint and ink into, but I’m hoping it’ll turn out much cooler than the vomitous “I’m better than you” drivel I attempted to read.

I’m thinking about getting some chickenwire to see if I can make the bits of a mask that I’ve been wanting to make for a while. I’ve been having a bit of trouble figuring out how to do it just so But if I don’t get it, it’s really no big deal and I’m sure I have something in my Stash O Stuff that can be used to figure out how to make it.

I read Fahrenheit 451 instead. I attempted to read it years ago and it took forever, but I went to read it again and was able to finally make it through. The story is really good and I enjoyed it. I did not enjoy turning a page and seeing Neon Pink or Neon Blue ink underlining or circling things. It took from my enjoyment and I immediately gave character to the unknown hand that did these things (my characterization was not very nice).

And then I started ‘Salem’s Lot because Jamie really enjoyed it, I managed to plow through Nightmares and Dreamscapes, and it’s not a million-and-one pages long. What can I say? I need a break from Westeros.

Jamie and I have decided that we are going to re-watch films that we found to be terrible just to see if our opinions have changed. I think it would be fascinating.

I was able to make a cool version of the Season 13 Tom Baker scarf for someone and realized, dude this is so cool, I should make one for myself! It would be really cool.

We’ve made pumpkin bread, many different types of cookies, and Jamie even made Truffles. It’s been an interesting past few weeks preparing for this mass-consumerist day that doesn’t have much meaning anymore. At least, it doesn’t have much meaning for me besides “it’s an excuse to bake things for people.”