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I want to update my blog, so let’s update! (I am rambling away with this update)

I’m pretty shocked, I’ve managed to crank out two short stories and my brain decided “you’re doing a novel, write down your questions now” randomly while Jamie and I were at the gym. I have about three pages of nothing but questions for myself. I haven’t been able to start any sort of story, let alone write the first draft of a short story start-to-finish.

My “H” key is sticking really bad, please excuse any missing H’s that I happen to miss. ( I am trying very hard to check while I type and check during “preview”, but I have this horrible feeling I’ll miss one or two anyway)

I’m thinking that not being in that Soul-Sucking 5th-Level-Of-Hades job really helped.

So, normally I go: I have an idea, I’mma write until I get stuck, put it up and figure it out later. Now, I’m going: Ok, I want to do *this* so let’s write down questions. It goes from very simple questions (e.g: is it 1st or 3rd POV? is the main character male or female?) to a little more complicate (e.g: what is the exact protocol for ____? what is the proper procedure for police paperwork?) or even random questions: do I mention eye colour? How can I make this plausible? Is this like basic reality with a twist of fantasy or is this Epic Fantasy with Epic Battles and Epic Journeys with capitol letters?

Eventually I will get to the basic: I would like to start *here* work my way around *this* and finally end up *somewhere over there*

I’m still pretty surprised that I ended up with two first drafts of short stories. I haven’t written a short story in for-freaken-ever. Can I blame life? Do writers blame life kinda sorta getting in the way? (I, in no way, consider myself a writer. I am not a writer, I’m not a blogger, I’m a creator-of-things because holy shit I do all kinds of stuff. photography, knitting, drawing, beadwork, writing, etc etc)

I was thinking about changing the sub-title for the blog to “*Mostly Harmless” because that is hilarious and true.

So…I ran into something kind of weird the other day. I was trying to “play nice” with a new co-worker and try to find something we could talk about between training and….well…for internet terms: *awkward confused hand gesture of “I really don’t know”* I found myself being repeatedly told that New Coworker *only* reads books by Christian Authors and I can’t really say anything because (A) I’m not religious and even if I was I’m not your sect of Religious and it’s something I do not want to get into an argument with while at work because I’ll probably get in trouble, this is Work not a Holy Ground, and don’t argue with me because most of the time you will lose (B) I’m at work and being paid (C) would feel extremely awkward for making New Coworker feel bad or confused.

Personally, I feel that reading books by Only Christian Authors is very limiting, just like reading Only Douglas Adams or reading Only Romance. I understand that people have a perferred set of reading or films (I prefer horror but we’ve got all kinds of weird shit on our bookshelves). And then New Coworker went off on a tangent about how “Twilight” was an amazing series and ruined by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. “Twilight” makes Christopher Pike look like an amazing author. Or, “learning to read” books for little kids look like Serious Works of Literature on the same level of Herman Melville, Mark Twain, and Erich Maria Remarque.  If “Twilight” is “this amazing,” then Ursula Vernon should get a fucking Pulitzer for the Dragonbreath series.

And why does religious background have to matter? Shouldn’t it be because you love the genre? The story? The style of writing? But, would I think differently if I found that a *specific author* hates pitbulls and are fully 100% behind BSL? I really don’t know right off the top of my head who I enjoy as an author that loathes wiggle-butt pitties. I know that if I found out an author who I liked, or enjoyed a book by, didn’t like something that I love or I found that we had opposing views, I really don’t know. It would have to be something I’m very passionate about or close to before I would stop reading this person’s work or give their work away. I’m not going to throw a book away because books are wonderful and amazing and 9 times out of 10 you will always find someone, or some organization, that will take a book you don’t like. And even then, I would look into why and see if I could rationalize why this or that.

I asked New Coworker if they had read a couple of different books and they happily reiterated that they “only” read Books By Christian Authors. Wow. My brain frowned and nodded. You’re in for one hell of a culture shock these next couple of years. New Coworker also gave me a funny look, like a mix between being aghast and wholly unbelieving that there is this wonderful series about a group of characters that you don’t really have to read in order and they’re really great I swear! (the series in question is the Discworld series, I told New Coworker that Death rides a horse named Binky) And they were bubbly and looked away with that creepy brainwashed smile before reiterating, again, they Only Read Books by Christian Authors.

I now no longer want to read “The Hunger Games.” I had put it on our Amazon wishlist about…two years ago because the premise sounded really cool. Like a “Battle Royale Light” with a hint of “1984” past look on the possible future in a fiction world (does that make sense? that makes sense to me)

I’m about 90 pages from finishing “Clash of Kings.” Wow, this book is…something else. The ” ____ and _____ and ____  and _____” is really fucking annoying. Commas, man, commas! If you’re attempting to emulate a child or someone who is very excited (like Adam Savage), then go for it. If you want to break up your monotonous language, go for it. But now *every gods damned fucking time*. Jamie reminds me that George R R Martin does grow as an author and swears that this little irritation becomes better. Overall, I just hope the constant “___ and ___ and ____ and ___” stops and Joffrey dies. I hate that little bastard. Though, Jamie did unknowingly give me the hint that The Hound and Arya meet up again. I like The Hound.


Wow, this update took much longer than necessary. And now I need to clean so…yeah.


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