Tom Baker Doctor Who Scarf

I got the brilliant idea in my head a few months ago while watching “Ark in Space” to make my own Doctor Who/Tom Baker scarf. It’s absurd, it’s wonderfully ugly, and I know just enough that I could probably pull it off. I did a little bit of research and decided that I would do  the Season 14 scarf because it is the shortest scarf and I’m a short person. I happened upon Witty Little Knitter, and found that there was a little “kids size” scarf. This is much more appealing than attempting to do a full-length scarf or attempting to do a scarf and figuring out which colours I can pull out/ignore so I can make it and not become a small mummy.

For a while, I did not get the colours needed for the scarf (because I had other things I needed to purchase, like groceries and pet food) and a few days ago I decided that I would get the colours I needed. It took about…10 to 15 hours to make the scarf, which is pretty long for me since I’m used to being able to crank out a decent sized scarf within a couple hours. I made a few mental notes for myself while working on it: I need to go a shade lighter or a shade less orangey for the “mustard” colour (on some spots it really pops out as orange), I’d like to do a more caramel yellow/brown for the “toffee” colours, and maybe do a shade lighter for the red.

I did measure the scarf out, it measures almost 9 ft long (including the damned tassles. it measures at 8 ft without them). This is perfect for me. When I wrap the scarf once around my neck, the tassles stop about 6 inches from the floor (approximately the middle of my calf) and this is exactly where I wanted it to stop. This means it’ll be great for moving around and I won’t have to worry about tripping over it. It’s also wide enough to cover the lower half of my face if I want, which will be great when it gets colder out.

I’ve decided that since the “child’s version” was perfect for me, this means that the “regular” size will be perfect for people who are much taller than  me.


Please excuse the mess of our bathroom counter.

I am really not that tall. I’m standing on a small step-stool so I can attempt to get as much of this shown as possible.

Kinda sorta wrapped up, attempting to show off the fringe. Do you know how hard it is trying to find a decent shot of the scarf with the fringe/tassles?

Another shot of the scarf wrapped/thrown on the chair.

Overall, I liked how it came out. It’s a bit thicker than I would assume it should be, but it works for me and I enjoy it. I cannot wait to wear this around Roanoke and confuse people. Or get them excited.

I plan on making another one, so we’ll see how it looks when it’s done.


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