A small adventure

We decided to go up on the Parkway last night to see if we could see the “possible Aurora Borealis” that would or would not be possibly visible for a second night in a row in our area.

Yep, little weird Roanoke was able to glimpse on the Aurora Borealis on Monday evening. There was a notation that there was a chance we’d be able to see it last night. Jamie and I headed up to the Parkway because we can’t really see the stars at our house (one of our neighbors has one of those automatic porch lights that come on as soon as the sun begins setting and it kind of kills that “let’s stargaze!” thing).

On the way up, we passed a guy walking on the edge of the road, in a blue tracksuit kinda deal, and his back to us. We didn’t think of it because it is the Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s not that weird to see cyclists, hikers, and there’s even a few signs to be on the lookout for horses because there are trails and things.

We found a nice spot to watch the sun set, and hung out for a while. One couple apparently got bored and left, a few other cars showed up. Jamie and I sat on the hood of the car and talked a bit, we watched the sun set and the stars come out. We wandered the little overlook area and eventually gave up, deciding to forego continuuing hope that we’d be able to see it. We figured that since it was pretty much black, we missed it. It was also getting late (and 4:30 am comes early)

We were heading down the mountain and I was joking about missing “The Nimble Men,” (a name I had heard while listening to a Pseudopod podcast about a plane stopping at a little strip to get de-iced and one of the pilots talks about all the names of the Aurora Borealis he knew) and we were attempting to figure out if it we were lucky or unlucky about it. We’re keeping an eye out for deer and I noticed this guy, walking down the edge of the road, wearing a white tracksuit type thing, with an LED flashlight in his hand. He was about the same height as the first guy we saw, same haircut, and his back was towards us.

We passed him and I just happened to look back (because I’m curious), and there was no pin-prick of light. Just blackness. Spooky.

It caused us to talk about serial killers, things in the dark, and how long it would take us to ditch the car and run like idiots in the dark to 460 in hopes of being saved from the “madman” behind us.


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