Quick! The Lights!

I had a snazzier title thought up earlier, but I trashed the post and continued with the day.


Snoochie got a sample pack of Temptations kitty treats (he will love them) and I’m seriously wondering if he ever got the memo he is, in fact, a cat.

Today was another start of “Occupy Roanoke,” so we opted to not take one of the dogs on a walk downtown. Sure, the thing is at Elmwood park, but that was the least of our worries for the weekend. This weekend is also “The Roanoke Outdoor Circus,” which I’m guessing is what they’re re-naming “The Commonwealth Games” since it was marked to be this weekend as well. There are demos and races and a treasure hunt and…ye gods it’s a fucking madhouse down there.

Fred stopped by to help Jamie a bit. Fred agreed that waiting on fencing until about March would be a good idea and we went to Lowes where we found a dryer and Jamie decided to go ahead and get a new stove as well because it was on sale (and he can pay with “fake money” that is his Lowes card). So I’m excited!

Not only do I get a new dryer so we can finally do laundry here without using drying racks or go up to Rhonda’s almost every weekend, but I get a brand new stove too! And this is a great thing since our original stove decided it was going to turn into a safety hazard (not as much of a safety hazard as the one that we had when we lived in an apartment, but it was working its way there)

So, while Fred and Jamie worked on installing the new things (and getting the old appliances out), I worked on my new planner calendar. I decided that instead of spending however much it is for them, I would make my own. It’s going to take a little bit, but right now it’s coming out pretty cool.

After the installations, Fred left to take John (Jamie’s little brother) to a birthday party being held at Chuck-E-Cheese. We wished him luck in keeping his sanity.

Jamie and I spent some time cleaning and even went through the books. Books are a hard thing for me to get rid of (there was even a time where I found it extremely hard to get rid of a small box of books that were molding in my mom’s basement), but I went through and managed to pick out a few of them so we could get rid of them. 2 shelves are now free of books on our massive bookshelf and that is really great.

We re-did the garage so it’s not as cluttered looking and found that the siding we’d saved from the studio had been taken over by a colony of ants who decided it was their new home. I felt like a vengeful god taking those pieces outside and cutting a bug fogger on.

I bought new batteries for the camera so hopefully this week I’ll remember to upload photos onto the laptop and make a photo post. I want to show off Captain Wiggles, our new foster dog.


And, because I’m a sucker:

Today is Pit Bull Awareness Day. We spoiled our dogs a little extra.


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