Life, or something like it

(bullets! because I should be doing things like washing dishes and making chili [and listening to KUEC] and playing with puppies. you are warned! splee) I will probably will go back and forth on things, there is no planning.

+ It’s been an interesting…week (I had to look at a calendar because days kind of just meld together). I have a new job and I’ve been training, my new coworkers have been happily telling me they’ll have me “broken in by Halloween” (so I can be “just as crazy” as them). They crack me up and they’ve been really awesome.

+ When I get paid, we’ll be heading to my friend’s coffee shop so I can give her the little devil guy I made for her. He’s been done for a while, it’s just that we haven’t had the gas to go down and hang out. I have not uploaded a photo of this yet, hopefully I will at some point.

+ Also! When I get paid, I will attempt to buy yarn so I can start on my Doctor Who (season 13) scarf! I’m excited, but there are other things that need to be bought before I can splurge on things (like a dryer since ours is currently a heap of metal and plastic that is just sitting there and being used as a shelf)

+ I need to make dog cookies. We’re out of their favorite dog cookies (these weird peanut butter things that come in a giant bag for about $5) and I have a ton of flour so why not. They love homemade cookies.

Speaking of homemade cookies, I’ve had someone ask me why I didn’t make these to sell because people love their pets and will happily dole out monies for homemade treats.

+ I am still working my way through “Clash of Kings,” but I’ve finished “The Dogs who Found Me” and “Dogs I have Met” so that’s awesome.  While I was reading Ken Foster’s work, I realized: I could write a book! I have no idea what it’d be about (save for the 3 folders filled with ideas that are…somewhere in this house) or I could attempt to write about our pets.

+ Fostering:

We are currently not fostering anyone right now. We’ve inquired about some senior dogs but haven’t heard anything back yet. Cricket went back this past Thursday (10/06) as her time with us was up and whatnot. We went to go visit her Friday (10/07) and I was informed that she was having her spay surgery so that was great.

+ I am approximately 1/3 of the way through “Clash of Kings” and there are a few references to the Elder Gods (Cthulhu mainly) as well as to Innsmouth. Jamie happily informed me of this right as I was getting to the introduction of Theon’s uncle and it cracks me up.

+ The dogs are doing good. Bug is still being naughty and getting on the counter to lick crumbs off the counter. Izzy’s been a spazz and I realized the other day “holy balls, when did you get big?!” and made a note that we need to get her a larger crate. She can move around in her crate, it’s just that she’s starting to bow her head when sitting down (instead of my stubby little pocket pittie, we now have a gangly, goofy pittie)

+ Candy Corn hand sanitizer (from Bath and Bodyworks) smells like a bag of candy corn (good!) that has been sitting in a dark, slightly damp, pantry while open for a year. And that is gross. But for the first few seconds it smells pretty good. The bat gumball hand sanitizer is awesome.

+ We got Super Mario World (for SNES) and Jamie’s been obsessively playing it in the evenings. Today is the third day that we’ve had it and he’s halfway through the game.

+ I’ve decided: I’m going to make a Boo perler bead thing (I’ve made Dry Bones, Koopa, some of the flowers, Blooper, and Jamie made the mushroom and the little spiny bug thing), so I figure, why not? Jamie had made his way through the weird ass forest in SMW and made a comment that “those trees are fucking creepy” so I’ve decided, I’m going to make some of those trees. It’d be awesome for Halloween!


Now I will finish listening to KUEC and then go to trying to find the Eddie Izzard episode of the Kevin Pollak Chat Show (yay Youtube). And I will pretend to be productive.  Maybe I’ll try to figure out a photo post at some point.


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