You can’t change every mind

But godsdamnit, I am going to attempt it.

I shared a photo on my Facebook page the other day, it was of a beautiful pittie with “I have a dream that one day I will not be judged by my appearance, but by the content of my character.” It was an image that was from Petey’s page that I thought was awesome. (as a forewarning, Petey is a one-eyed pittie. I think he’s adorable). Unfortunately, I recieved this as a remark on the photo:

“a beautiful baby— but the breed still worries me. What am I missing about this??” (I have in no way changed anything, all I have done is copy-n-pasted)

I’m a bit, well, pretty fucking pissed off. I started angrily writing a response, which turned into three rather long paragraphs about how blatantly fucked up it is to say it’s a beautiful dog but the breed still gives this person the heebie jeebies and still have no idea what the problem is. Jamie pointed out that I was typing really loud, so I x-ed out of the screen and took a deep breath and spoke with Jamie for a moment before bringing Facebook back up and started retyping my response.

My response basically quoted the “the breed still worries me” response and went off about how automatically judging a dog based on looks was like looking at any black person and thinking they were going to rob you and that all Middle Easterners own convenience stores. I also pointed out that it was like believing that only Labrador Retrievers are service dogs and only German Shepherds are K9-unit dogs.

Yes, extremely horrible of me to be a racial asshole, but by this point, it’s the only way I could point out this person’s disgusting idiocy.

It’s been a couple days and I have yet to hear a response. I’m still pretty irritated by this.

I’m not irritated because “omg pitbulls are dangerous and eat babies” bullshit media hype, I’m irritated because I had honestly thought I had gotten through to this person. A couple of years ago, I had recieved a horrible comment in an email (by this person) who apparently didn’t think anything of it and I just went off about how dogs are awesome, pitties are amazingly wonderful dogs, and they should actually do research before fully believing that all pitbulls are rabid beasts who want nothing more than to maul your arm off.

This person is very much aware we have 4 pit-mixes (then again, everyone who knows us knows we have four pit mixes). Most people are more surprised by the number of dogs than their breed.* This person was concerned for Bugs when she became very ill, so I was disgusted and pretty surprised to find that they are still rather close-minded on this.

I guess some people would rather believe “hey look, all dogs who have block heads are inherently evil” than “no animal is inherently evil, as they get older it’s nature and nurture working together to form what the animal will eventually become.” As humans, we’re all sick fucks who are more interested in misery and violence in media than we are of the feel-good stories (e.g: we’d rather read about the pomeranian who killed the infant than read about how Harper has defied all expectations and has been able to go from not being able to move to being able to run. Harper, if you’re unaware of her, is a pit bull. She was on the Today Show this past Tuesday).

No matter how many great stories we find, no matter how awesome dogs are, there will be that hype of “mad dog” instead of “Wiggle Butt!”

I had explained to this person the normal stuff: Petey from “Our Gang”/”Little Rascals,” Sargent Stubby, Judge the Deed not the Breed, stop blaming one fuckwad for an entire breed, they were considered Nanny Dogs, what the fuck do you make of the Vicktory Dogs?!

And I thought maybe there was a small bit of acceptance, but apparently I was wrong and recieved the “the breed worries me” comment. Nyrr.

Jamie reminds me that close-minded folk will always remain that way. You can’t change everyone’s mind (but it’s great when you can). He also pointed out that I should send this person a private message and put them to a challenge:

Go to the shelter and go play with one of the pits. If that doesn’t change your mind, then nothing will.

I’m still pretty irritated though.


*  – this is Roanoke. While there are problems in this area, there are a large amount of people who own pits around here. Seeing a pit is like seeing the Greyhounds over at Petsmart over the weekend.


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