My mom encourages habits

I love Halloween (and Jamie loves Halloween which is awesome) and my mom has always lovingly encouraged me to enjoy this strange holiday. She didn’t bat an eye when I found out about the origins and decided it sounded like fun to celebrate those too. She’s also pretty impressed that I’ve made sugar skulls.

Last night she came by the house so she could eagerly take me shopping for new work clothes. Although my new job has a deceptively easy work-uniform (blue polo and khakis), it is a pain in the ass to find decently priced polo shirts and khaki pants that actually fit. We were able to find polo shirts at one store (and a couple neat little tops I can wear when it gets warmer–yay “it’s not summer sale” racks), but we had to go to Target for khakis because I could not find a decent pair of khakis under $42. I found Southpole shorts for $10 (holy cow! I was so tempted to bother mom for a pair of these since they’re normally $50) but the only khakis I was able to find were the ones, on sale, for $42.

We hit Target where we had to stop at their little $1 racks because they have Halloween things available. Mom excitedly informed me to get anything I want, so I got a small smattering of Halloweeny things (like hand towels, little flashy keychains, mini notebook packs, post-it notes, fridge-magnet note pads) and I grabbed a small Snoopy notebook because it’s cute. Mom was pretty surprised I didn’t go crazy and grab a ton of glowsticks. I just really haven’t felt like playing around with glowsticks lately so why grab some packs when I really don’t care to play with them.

We were able to find 3 pairs of pants for work (yay! pants that fit! I’m excited) and Mom pointed out that since we were there, I should look for shoes. And she just happened to find the style of shoes that I like. But we had to hunt for the size that I could wear (a couple aisles over) so, woohoo I have new shoes.

Mom and I ended up being out for about two hours instead of the guestimated one. She dropped me off and headed home while I put the bags in the bedroom, locked Snooch out, and Jamie and I spent some time snuggling before going to sleep. It was fun and I have the feeling that if given the chance, my mom would’ve continued telling me to get more stuff and eagerly encouraged me to get more Halloween-type things. I love my mom, she’s awesome.


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