Downtown with Hobbes and Cricket

This morning, Jamie and I decided to take “Little Bit” (Cricket) downtown for a small walk. We also wanted to take one of our dogs to see how she would do with them, so we decided to take Hobbes since it’d be a short walk. Hobbes is our couch potato and a good 15 minute romp around the backyard is enough to keep him relaxed for a few hours.

We decided we’d just walk around a block downtown because it’s cold and Cricket’s only 2 months old (and not all dogs are like Firefly who has boundless energy, tires out for maybe ten minutes, and then goes all out for hours again).

Jamie pointed out that we should put Hobbes’ new sweater on him since it is cold* and I pointed out that since we’d be doing that, we should see if one of Izzy’s old sweaters fit Cricket. We found that the white with the orange and brown stripes was just a tad oversized but fit her nicely.

Cricket in her slightly oversized sweater.

On the ride downtown, Cricket sat in my lap while Hobbes sat in the backseat and looked at people in other cars. He likes car rides, but hates when the car stops. Cricket did rather well, I held onto her and she looked out the window and stayed quiet but alert.

When we walked downtown, we agreed that they would not walk side-by-side. Hobbes might step on Cricket and freak out or Cricket would freak out and that’s just something we don’t want to deal with. By watching Hobbes walk nicely with Jamie, Cricket got the basic idea, but I let her walk in front of me. She still doesn’t understand that a leash will only let her go so far, but after a while she stopped pulling so that’s great.

We learned that Cricket will grab sticks and prance with them in her mouth, so she and I worked on “Trade ya” (me taking the stick and giving her a piece of hotdog). We also worked on “sit” every so often and she did nicely. After the block, we decided to walk down the market area (because it’s Sunday and nothing is there on Sundays) just in case there were any people around so Cricket could learn about other people.

One gentleman working stopped and went “Is that a–?”

Jamie said yes and Hobbes sat down, the guy grinned and asked if it was ok if he petted Hobbes. Jamie said it was alright but he may jump out of excitement, which he did his jump-up-and-prance happy move. The guy laughed and made a remark about how big Hobbes is (we think Hobbes has American Bulldog in him, we just haven’t had him DNA tested).

The guy saw Cricket and made the remark of “You’ll have your hands full when that one grows up.”

We told him, no we won’t. I pointed out that Hobbes is ours, but she’s a foster. Jamie told him that we’re fostering her to help train her so she can be adopted. He thought that was pretty cool and he even showed us a picture of his big boy that he named Cujo. And shortly thereafter we started the trek back to the car.

Hobbes and Cricket in their sweaters after the walk.

When we were across the street from the parking lot the car was at, I went ahead and picked up Cricket. I’d figured she’d be tired and it just made a bit more sense to pick her up and walk her through the lot. When we got in the car, she kind of melted on my lap and dozed until we got home.

Jamie and I decided we should attempt to get pictures of the two of them in their sweaters so we could show them off. This was a fun idea and it would also be something we could send to Planned Pethood to let them see how much Hobbes likes being in clothes and how he’s been doing. It would also be something great to show the RVSPCA for Cricket and how she’s been doing with being fostered.

It was a fun morning and the two of them did really well.


* – Hobbes is very picky. When it’s pretty cold outside, he refuses to go out, even in the backyard to pee, without his neon pink camo jacket on. He looks silly, but he happily prances around in this jacket (someone gave it to us, we put it on him for fun and he just loved it). But, we were finally able to get him a jacket that was not in pink that fit him and he is enjoying it.


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