Working on things

I’ve found that this new job has helped me realized what a constraining, imagination-sucking, cesspool my last job had been for practically anything other than that job (and grocery shopping, which it seemed all I did: get up, get Jamie’s stuff together, go to work, come home, and once or twice a week grab some groceries). I’ve noticed that I’ve been more inspired while I work at this new job than I have in quite some time. I’m inspired to clean (clean! and organize! holy shit), to write, to knit and find other things to do. I’m filling up notebooks with ideas, I have a short story I’m working on.

I haven’t written a short story in a while, or at least started a short story in…almost two years (which is when I started my Dagon story. 20-some pages and I still haven’t gotten to the good bits, but it is the first draft and I’m sure I’ll pare it down eventually) And here I am working on one. Well, it’s been about three days since I’ve worked on it, but still. Improvement! Makes me excited.

Then again, reading Sam’s blog is inspiring because he is paving his own way in the writing world and I’ve been really enjoying seeing what happens. It’s kind of like reading Ursula V’s blog and getting snippets of life, short blurbs that come into her head, and learning the title of the newest Dragonbreath she’s working on. They can do it, then damnit, so can I.

So, while I get inspired and my brain is going a million miles an hour, of course I feel like crud and my limbs feel like they’ve been dipped in lead (thinking on lead, I need to get a new meat/candy thermometer) and I manage to find myself with Laryngitis. Again. At least this time, I don’t have to go to a doctor to tell me what I have (I had it in June, this makes the third time in less than a year I’ve gotten it) and I don’t have to miss work because I’m with another company. Tomorrow should be interesting at least.

It’s taking forever to knit a hat.

Speaking of which, I’ve been invited to sell scarves and things at a local “fall festival” that will be goin on next weekend. On the plus side: hell yeah! I can sell my wares and laugh at the attempt because I doubt anyone will be interested, on the negative side: I personally will only be there one of the three days because I have to work the other two (it’s a Friday, Saturday, Sunday thing). I had decided I’d work on making hats to go with some of the scarves that were made and see what sells. It’s getting cold (though the “holy balls, I’m not leaving the house without a damn blanket over my layers” cold is January/February) and people are always into that whole “homemade” stuff and whatnot. If nothing sells, it’s all good. I don’t expect to sell anything, I just look forward to some time hanging out with a friend and seeing our corner of the world from a different angle. Maybe I’ll get inspired for a character or something.

So, back to the original thought of this post.

Since we’re coming to the end of October (Halloween sales! wooo!), and November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I have decided I will attempt to do my own twisted version of this. I am not going to attempt to write a novel, as that is much too dubious a project. My goal is to work on short stories, maybe do absolute basic outlines (e.g: we start at point a, hit point b, and end up at point c) for other stories that I have written snippets for, and/or possibly work on snippets that would go with bits that I have in the carious folders near the desk.

I don’t expect to finish a story and I’m fine with this. I figure I can do this as an excersize in writing and find my way back into that writing bit that I used to do constantly (which has trickled down into droplets of strange things like quotes, ideas/thoughts, lists). Maybe something will come from it.


A small adventure

We decided to go up on the Parkway last night to see if we could see the “possible Aurora Borealis” that would or would not be possibly visible for a second night in a row in our area.

Yep, little weird Roanoke was able to glimpse on the Aurora Borealis on Monday evening. There was a notation that there was a chance we’d be able to see it last night. Jamie and I headed up to the Parkway because we can’t really see the stars at our house (one of our neighbors has one of those automatic porch lights that come on as soon as the sun begins setting and it kind of kills that “let’s stargaze!” thing).

On the way up, we passed a guy walking on the edge of the road, in a blue tracksuit kinda deal, and his back to us. We didn’t think of it because it is the Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s not that weird to see cyclists, hikers, and there’s even a few signs to be on the lookout for horses because there are trails and things.

We found a nice spot to watch the sun set, and hung out for a while. One couple apparently got bored and left, a few other cars showed up. Jamie and I sat on the hood of the car and talked a bit, we watched the sun set and the stars come out. We wandered the little overlook area and eventually gave up, deciding to forego continuuing hope that we’d be able to see it. We figured that since it was pretty much black, we missed it. It was also getting late (and 4:30 am comes early)

We were heading down the mountain and I was joking about missing “The Nimble Men,” (a name I had heard while listening to a Pseudopod podcast about a plane stopping at a little strip to get de-iced and one of the pilots talks about all the names of the Aurora Borealis he knew) and we were attempting to figure out if it we were lucky or unlucky about it. We’re keeping an eye out for deer and I noticed this guy, walking down the edge of the road, wearing a white tracksuit type thing, with an LED flashlight in his hand. He was about the same height as the first guy we saw, same haircut, and his back was towards us.

We passed him and I just happened to look back (because I’m curious), and there was no pin-prick of light. Just blackness. Spooky.

It caused us to talk about serial killers, things in the dark, and how long it would take us to ditch the car and run like idiots in the dark to 460 in hopes of being saved from the “madman” behind us.

Quick! The Lights!

I had a snazzier title thought up earlier, but I trashed the post and continued with the day.


Snoochie got a sample pack of Temptations kitty treats (he will love them) and I’m seriously wondering if he ever got the memo he is, in fact, a cat.

Today was another start of “Occupy Roanoke,” so we opted to not take one of the dogs on a walk downtown. Sure, the thing is at Elmwood park, but that was the least of our worries for the weekend. This weekend is also “The Roanoke Outdoor Circus,” which I’m guessing is what they’re re-naming “The Commonwealth Games” since it was marked to be this weekend as well. There are demos and races and a treasure hunt and…ye gods it’s a fucking madhouse down there.

Fred stopped by to help Jamie a bit. Fred agreed that waiting on fencing until about March would be a good idea and we went to Lowes where we found a dryer and Jamie decided to go ahead and get a new stove as well because it was on sale (and he can pay with “fake money” that is his Lowes card). So I’m excited!

Not only do I get a new dryer so we can finally do laundry here without using drying racks or go up to Rhonda’s almost every weekend, but I get a brand new stove too! And this is a great thing since our original stove decided it was going to turn into a safety hazard (not as much of a safety hazard as the one that we had when we lived in an apartment, but it was working its way there)

So, while Fred and Jamie worked on installing the new things (and getting the old appliances out), I worked on my new planner calendar. I decided that instead of spending however much it is for them, I would make my own. It’s going to take a little bit, but right now it’s coming out pretty cool.

After the installations, Fred left to take John (Jamie’s little brother) to a birthday party being held at Chuck-E-Cheese. We wished him luck in keeping his sanity.

Jamie and I spent some time cleaning and even went through the books. Books are a hard thing for me to get rid of (there was even a time where I found it extremely hard to get rid of a small box of books that were molding in my mom’s basement), but I went through and managed to pick out a few of them so we could get rid of them. 2 shelves are now free of books on our massive bookshelf and that is really great.

We re-did the garage so it’s not as cluttered looking and found that the siding we’d saved from the studio had been taken over by a colony of ants who decided it was their new home. I felt like a vengeful god taking those pieces outside and cutting a bug fogger on.

I bought new batteries for the camera so hopefully this week I’ll remember to upload photos onto the laptop and make a photo post. I want to show off Captain Wiggles, our new foster dog.


And, because I’m a sucker:

Today is Pit Bull Awareness Day. We spoiled our dogs a little extra.

Little news


Well, it’s been an interesting week. Did work (woo! work!), wrote down some ideas for the comic, and we stayed over at Rhonda’s to go with them to The Lord’s Acre sale (a yearly setup of a group of churches that sell things in the parking lot of the high school). Rhonda was sorely disappointed by the small collection of church groups that were there and balked at the idea of paying $6 for a large mason jar of spaghetti sauce. We were gone within 20 minutes.

While up at Rhonda and Allen’s, I was surprised to find I was working on story ideas. I guess my last job sucked so much I stopped doing anything more creative than writing down weird crap that happened that would make an amusing comic strip. (and watching the Winchester Estate episode of Ghost Adventures helped as well)

So! Stuff.

Jamie’s going to be working on putting up new fencing this weekend as far as I know, we’re going to be working on the orange room, basement, and garage as well. The major plan is to move all my artsy fartsy stuff into the basement and get that set up.

I’ve been listening to podcasts (ok, I’ve been attempting to find other podcasts to listen to while I wait for updates from Mike Bennett and MJ Hahn). Mike Bennett sent me a tweet (eee! this is so cool. we definitely live in interesting times, or, as Wil Wheaton would say: we live in the future) mentioning to check out Neil Dixon. Since his podcast is currently down for revisions, I read bits of his short stories and now I’ll be excited when his podcast is available again.

And being late to the party, as always, I’m finally listening to Pseudopod and enjoying the podcasts. They’re wonderfully twisted.

We also have a new foster dog for the next two/three weeks. He’s a 3 year old brindle boxer who is constantly in motion. One thing I’ve learned about boxers is they are always in motion (or half crazy) or the rare occasion where the dog is chilled out and relaxed. He currently has no name, so we’re trying to think of what we’re going to name him. Jamie really wants “Captain Wiggles.”

100 of My Wishes

I was going through Youtube for different things to listen to and I came across Adam Savage’s “100 Wishes” again. It wasn’t the first time I had listened to it (and I’m sure it won’t be the last) and I enjoy listening to Adam Savage. He cracks me up.

While listening to him, I realized he was doing a really cool idea. I mulled over it for a while and decided I would do that too. I figured it’d be an interesting…thought experiment? written experiment? (I am missing a word in there somewhere). It should be fun.

So, here it goes: My 100 Wishes
(in no particular order save for whatever comes to mind)

+ I want a house that looks like the Addams Family house with a hint of The Munsters. This way, I can have an electric chair, a secret lab, stairs that come up, a coffin that holds a phone (working or non, doesn’t matter), and can stand on a stool and sharpen the fence like Gomez.

+ I want to be in a film. (and not end up on the cutting-room floor)

+ I want to start a Zombie Walk here in Roanoke (the Zombie Walk website that states there is one in Roanoke is, unfortunately, a lie. There are no zombie walks here and the email is defunct)

+ I want to make really well-done costumes. To elaborate: I want to be able to make historically accurate (or film/tv accurate) costumes such as the Medieval period, Greco/Roman style, stuff from Firefly/BDM, Ronin Warriors/YST, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Torchwood, etc.

+ I want to publish a book (and sell at least one copy that is not my own). Now, I have ideas and such, I’m a procrastinator, and as of right now, I really don’t know what I’d write about.

+ I’d like my comics to succeed. It would help if I had actually drawn something and posted it instead of leaving it on hiatus since November 2010.

+ I want my back tattooed.

+ I want to gain a few pounds (so I can get my back tattooed).

+ I want to make stuffies and be able to do something with them. Either as a charity thing or make them to where they could be used in shelters as pet toys.

+ Because he doesn’t shake hands with fans (at Conventions, and for good reason that I respect), I would like to be able to give Wil Wheaton my Morton’s List dice. I don’t play the game and they work just as well with D&D.


+ I want to see the Cruxshadows in concert (I also really want to know how Rogue gets his hair like that)

+ I would like to go to a convention. I survived GotJ in 2005, I’m pretty sure I could handle a convention (Jamie on the other hand…probably not).

+ I want to go to Yellowstone.

+ I want to go to the Winchester estate, but without a tour group (or tourguide). I want to go with a flashlight, a camera, a map, and maybe one or two other people and have access to just wander around for a few hours. (ok, and an EVP detector, a video camera that has a night vision mode, and all those fun things because I’m a huge dork)

+ I want a Cthulhu hat. And one day I will make it.

+ I want to build a giant Cthulhu that hangs out on the roof (so it can’t be too heavy overall) and kind of peers over part of the house. I think this would be really neat. The idea looks great in my head.

+ I want a plague mask. Bought or made my me, doesn’t really matter.

+ I would like to re-articulate a skeleton. If it’s an animal, I prefer it to have died of natural causes. (or at least not murdered by stupid people because of breed/age/whatever or for something like its skin,feet, or tusks)

+I would like to get some animal skulls so we could have our collection back. Jamie and I each had a small collection of skulls years ago, Jamie lost his to Rhonda (who got rid of them) because they creeped her out and I lost mine to my mom who got rid of them because she didn’t “want that in her house.” We also somehow lost Bob (a small opossum skull) during our many moves. We miss Bob.

+ I would like to get another fetus in a jar. We have one fetus, it is a shark, and it’d be neat to have another (doesn’t have to be a shark) so the shark won’t be lonely.


+ I want to have a better grasp of String Theory and Quantum Physics. I find them really fascinating.

+ I want to make a quilt.

+ I would like to change someone’s mind. In that, I would really like to change someone’s mind about pitties and dogs who look like pitties. It is the person who raises the dog that shapes it to become the way it is, and dogs are not inherently good or evil. (If the person still thinks that, I hope to have Eddie Izzard’s “What is an evil giraffe” somewhere on my person and make them listen to it).

+ I would like to try container gardening…and not forget that we have a garden.

+ I want a zen garden. But I am afraid the dogs would eat the rocks, Ugly would steal the little rake thing, and sand would go everywhere. (or, realistically, someone will poo in it and that’s why we don’t have one)

+ I want the joints in my hands to stop hurting when I start small projects for at least a few more years. I want to be able to make beaded flowers without my fingers hurting.

+ I want to blow something up. Like go into a privately owned field (with permission) and do something like stick a pack of M-100s in a pumpkin and see what happens.

+ I would like to be able to see Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, and…hmm…Neil Gaiman or Clive Barker in a room, just to see what they would talk about or politely argue about. I think it would be interesting.

+ I would like my copy of Nurk signed by Ursula Vernon (the author) and Kevin Sonney. They both crack me up. Or at least be able to see them in person (this would require being able to go to a convention)

+ I want to go to an SCA meetup and watch them beat the hell out of each other.


+ I want to learn to shoot a bow.

+ I would like to kill my own meat, skin it, get elbow deep in it, and cut it into bits in which I will consume. I’d like to be able to do this at least once (at least one animal), and if it’s deer, I’d like to be able to watch it go from living to jerky. mmmm deer jerky. (yes, I do realize this is a disgusting, terrible-smelling endeavor but I think it would be fascinating.)

+ I want to go up in a balloon.

+ I want to see my friends be able to legally marry the person they love and not be punished/persecuted for it.

+ I want to build a Dalek. A remote-controlled Dalek that screams “Exterminate!”

+ I would like to meet Wil Wheaton and tell him he is awesome. And that I love him even more because he, and his wife, adopted Seamus and that Seamus is a beautiful dog (and he’s a pittie so that’s extra squee points there!)

+ I want to be in a chili-cookoff.

+ I want to make Hungarian Mushroom soup from scratch (and not leave the pepper in for an hour while we run to the grocery store for an ingredient).

+ I want a room that is a small library, like all four walls are bookshelves with a nice chair or couch in there and all the shelves are filled with books. (We are getting there! Two of our walls have bookshelves shoved against them and they are full. It makes me splee).

+ I want to build a 19th century style coffin.


+ I also want to build a sarcophugus.

+ I want to take apart and rebuild an engine (and have it work).

+ I want to re-purpose our NES and not break it. (I am afraid of breaking it which is why I have yet to attempt it)

+ I want to knit a dog sweater.

+ I really like the idea of making blankets for adoptable animals and I would really like to do that at some point. I think it would be great.

+ It’s a bit weird, but I want my upper canines to be elongated by about a centimeter or two.

+ I want to learn to swordfight.

+ I want to be on a podcast. Sure, I think I sound funny when I listen to myself talk, but it might be interesting.

+ I want to successfully make Challah bread. (and not have it stick to the parchment paper that was requested it be set upon while baking)

+ I want to learn bass or guitar.


+ I want to go to a theatre for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. (a few years ago, our local indie theatre showed RHPS every Halloween and encouraged audience participation. I don’t know if they still do that)

+ I would like to do a compassion hold for a senior dog (or a dog who has a limited time left).

+ I want to make a Smartie castle. Again! I made one that was 3 1/2 bags of smarties, but unfortunately it kinda fell apart, and I’d really like to see if I could do it better. (I have photos of it somewhere)

+ I would like to learn American Sign Language and see if I can teach the dogs some of it.

+ I want to see a cure for MS come to fruition. Or, at least be able to see some type of medication come to fruition that stops the deterioration that is caused by the disease. There is medication that helps slow it down, but I think there should be something better than a once-a-week injection (to the inner thigh!) that also causes the person getting the injection to feel like shit the next day.

+ I want a pair of paratrooper boots (in my size).

+ I want to see BSL/BDL abolished everywhere.

+ I want to see Lennox returned to his family. (or rather hear/read that Lennox has been returned to his family and I would love to find out that the animal warden has been arrested for Perjury)

+ I’d like to be a little more serious about my photography.

+ I want to make a Jayne hat.


+ I would like to own my own bookshop. (or: book, game, and comic shop because I’m a geek)

+ I want a human skeleton. In Virginia, it is legal to own pieces of humans (a human skull would be so cool), but I don’t want to dig up an old body. So it doesn’t have to be formerly living human pieces, it can be plastic-y stuff. I just think it’d be fun.

+ I want a giant metal chicken like Ursula Vernon‘s and like Beyonce. (we were very close to getting a giant metal flamingo, but we figured we couldn’t get it because it wouldn’t fit in the car)

+ I want a kilt. Now, for me to have a kilt, I will go all weird and say “I want it in my clan’s colours!” (I blame my dad, who was/is obsessed about family history and legacy…which still seems odd to me because he is adamant about the fact that his biological father does not exist and I know very little about my family history)

+ I want a Dodo. (Webkinz currently has a Dodo and I am so tempted to search the area for one of these. it is so goofy looking but so cool)

+ I want to make a calendar of our pets. I think it would be great.

+ I want to build a dragon.

+ I want to go to the catacombs.

+ I want to pilot an F-4U1 Corsair.

+ I want a TARDIS.


+ I want an in-ground pool.

+ I would like to “go on vacation” somewhere for longer than a day and not have to worry about the pets.

+ I want a mummy. An actual, dead person wrapped in stuff mummy.

+ I want to make a shrunken head. (and not out of an apple)

+ I’d like to learn graffiti, but I want to do it on paper and not on someone’s wall.

+ I would like to go to Scotland.

+ I want to meet Adam Savage.

+ I want to go to W00tstock. (I highly doubt this happens because W00tstock happens nowhere near here.)

+ I want a replica tail from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

+ I want a bokken since I have no idea what happened to mine besides a guess of it being lost during one move or another.


+ I would like to work in a bookstore or in a theatre. I think it would be fascinating.

+ I want to see this place actually have equality for everyone, respect for everyone no matter what. Personally, I don’t give a fuck if you’re black, white, or purple, if you’re straight, gay, or trans. It’s just a part of who you are. I’m not going to loathe you because of skin tone or sexuality, I’m going to loathe you for chewing with your mouth open and being able to hear your fucking gum popping from four aisles away.

+ I want to see TNR be available in our area. Barn Cat Buddies can only go so far. (TNR is trap-neuter-release).

+ I want to make something Steampunky. (and not in the “herp derp, look it’s a _____ with a gear glued on it! that’s steampunk!” way)

+ I want to learn how to Swing Dance. I’ve tried once and been thoroughly freaked out when I was picked up and swung around by one of the people I was with.

+ I want a tombstone. Specifically, I want my grandmother’s tombstone that she found in a pile of junk and now has sitting in her front yard. (she’s working on moving out of the city and I kind of doubt she’ll take the thing with her)

+ I want to turn the front yard into a garden type area and have little pathways so then this way we won’t have to mow it. (yep makes perfect sense, weed areas instead of mow. but at least this way we have less chance of having another bunny accident again).

+ I want to go to a Halloween party.

+ Thinking along those terms, I would like to either go to a masquerade (with period style clothing) or host one myself.

+ I would like to legally marry my partner (Jamie) without fear of repercussions.


+ I would like to work with Habitat for Humanity again. It was fun when we did it the one time and it’d be fun to do it again.

+ I want a decent pair of sneakers that were not made by a company whose corporate heads feel there is absolutely nothing wrong with people torturing animals and that have a decent cushion for the sole of the shoe.

+ I would like to learn C++.

+ I want to go on a lock-down with Ghost Adventures. (yes, Zak, Nick and Aaron)

+ I want to not have to worry about bills.

+ I want to go through a corn-field maze and not have someone revving a chainsaw behind me.

+ I want an Central Air unit that doesn’t freeze itself when you set it to anything under 68 degrees and habitually breaks during the hottest periods of the year. (one day I will rip this unit out and replace it with a better one that was actually meant for a residential building instead of whatever-the-fuck is in the basement)

+ I want a new mattress.

+ I want Surge to come back, but not as a new mixture like they did with Mr Pibb, but how it was when it first came out. I also really want a Piranha energy drink.

+ I want to study to be a mortician.


I did pretty well until I hit around the 70 mark and then started having trouble thinking of things and these aren’t all of my wishes (or things like: “I want a working dryer, I want a new fridge”). I posted on my twitter that I had hit number 72 and managed to get re-tweeted by Adam Savage. I squeed because I’m a huge geek.

Uh…so Izzy-butt has an upset tummy, so we’ve been trying to make her feel better. We’ve decided: no more egg yolks as treats for her since that’s what has caused it this time (she gets an upset tummy every few months)

Life, or something like it

(bullets! because I should be doing things like washing dishes and making chili [and listening to KUEC] and playing with puppies. you are warned! splee) I will probably will go back and forth on things, there is no planning.

+ It’s been an interesting…week (I had to look at a calendar because days kind of just meld together). I have a new job and I’ve been training, my new coworkers have been happily telling me they’ll have me “broken in by Halloween” (so I can be “just as crazy” as them). They crack me up and they’ve been really awesome.

+ When I get paid, we’ll be heading to my friend’s coffee shop so I can give her the little devil guy I made for her. He’s been done for a while, it’s just that we haven’t had the gas to go down and hang out. I have not uploaded a photo of this yet, hopefully I will at some point.

+ Also! When I get paid, I will attempt to buy yarn so I can start on my Doctor Who (season 13) scarf! I’m excited, but there are other things that need to be bought before I can splurge on things (like a dryer since ours is currently a heap of metal and plastic that is just sitting there and being used as a shelf)

+ I need to make dog cookies. We’re out of their favorite dog cookies (these weird peanut butter things that come in a giant bag for about $5) and I have a ton of flour so why not. They love homemade cookies.

Speaking of homemade cookies, I’ve had someone ask me why I didn’t make these to sell because people love their pets and will happily dole out monies for homemade treats.

+ I am still working my way through “Clash of Kings,” but I’ve finished “The Dogs who Found Me” and “Dogs I have Met” so that’s awesome.  While I was reading Ken Foster’s work, I realized: I could write a book! I have no idea what it’d be about (save for the 3 folders filled with ideas that are…somewhere in this house) or I could attempt to write about our pets.

+ Fostering:

We are currently not fostering anyone right now. We’ve inquired about some senior dogs but haven’t heard anything back yet. Cricket went back this past Thursday (10/06) as her time with us was up and whatnot. We went to go visit her Friday (10/07) and I was informed that she was having her spay surgery so that was great.

+ I am approximately 1/3 of the way through “Clash of Kings” and there are a few references to the Elder Gods (Cthulhu mainly) as well as to Innsmouth. Jamie happily informed me of this right as I was getting to the introduction of Theon’s uncle and it cracks me up.

+ The dogs are doing good. Bug is still being naughty and getting on the counter to lick crumbs off the counter. Izzy’s been a spazz and I realized the other day “holy balls, when did you get big?!” and made a note that we need to get her a larger crate. She can move around in her crate, it’s just that she’s starting to bow her head when sitting down (instead of my stubby little pocket pittie, we now have a gangly, goofy pittie)

+ Candy Corn hand sanitizer (from Bath and Bodyworks) smells like a bag of candy corn (good!) that has been sitting in a dark, slightly damp, pantry while open for a year. And that is gross. But for the first few seconds it smells pretty good. The bat gumball hand sanitizer is awesome.

+ We got Super Mario World (for SNES) and Jamie’s been obsessively playing it in the evenings. Today is the third day that we’ve had it and he’s halfway through the game.

+ I’ve decided: I’m going to make a Boo perler bead thing (I’ve made Dry Bones, Koopa, some of the flowers, Blooper, and Jamie made the mushroom and the little spiny bug thing), so I figure, why not? Jamie had made his way through the weird ass forest in SMW and made a comment that “those trees are fucking creepy” so I’ve decided, I’m going to make some of those trees. It’d be awesome for Halloween!


Now I will finish listening to KUEC and then go to trying to find the Eddie Izzard episode of the Kevin Pollak Chat Show (yay Youtube). And I will pretend to be productive.  Maybe I’ll try to figure out a photo post at some point.

You can’t change every mind

But godsdamnit, I am going to attempt it.

I shared a photo on my Facebook page the other day, it was of a beautiful pittie with “I have a dream that one day I will not be judged by my appearance, but by the content of my character.” It was an image that was from Petey’s page that I thought was awesome. (as a forewarning, Petey is a one-eyed pittie. I think he’s adorable). Unfortunately, I recieved this as a remark on the photo:

“a beautiful baby— but the breed still worries me. What am I missing about this??” (I have in no way changed anything, all I have done is copy-n-pasted)

I’m a bit, well, pretty fucking pissed off. I started angrily writing a response, which turned into three rather long paragraphs about how blatantly fucked up it is to say it’s a beautiful dog but the breed still gives this person the heebie jeebies and still have no idea what the problem is. Jamie pointed out that I was typing really loud, so I x-ed out of the screen and took a deep breath and spoke with Jamie for a moment before bringing Facebook back up and started retyping my response.

My response basically quoted the “the breed still worries me” response and went off about how automatically judging a dog based on looks was like looking at any black person and thinking they were going to rob you and that all Middle Easterners own convenience stores. I also pointed out that it was like believing that only Labrador Retrievers are service dogs and only German Shepherds are K9-unit dogs.

Yes, extremely horrible of me to be a racial asshole, but by this point, it’s the only way I could point out this person’s disgusting idiocy.

It’s been a couple days and I have yet to hear a response. I’m still pretty irritated by this.

I’m not irritated because “omg pitbulls are dangerous and eat babies” bullshit media hype, I’m irritated because I had honestly thought I had gotten through to this person. A couple of years ago, I had recieved a horrible comment in an email (by this person) who apparently didn’t think anything of it and I just went off about how dogs are awesome, pitties are amazingly wonderful dogs, and they should actually do research before fully believing that all pitbulls are rabid beasts who want nothing more than to maul your arm off.

This person is very much aware we have 4 pit-mixes (then again, everyone who knows us knows we have four pit mixes). Most people are more surprised by the number of dogs than their breed.* This person was concerned for Bugs when she became very ill, so I was disgusted and pretty surprised to find that they are still rather close-minded on this.

I guess some people would rather believe “hey look, all dogs who have block heads are inherently evil” than “no animal is inherently evil, as they get older it’s nature and nurture working together to form what the animal will eventually become.” As humans, we’re all sick fucks who are more interested in misery and violence in media than we are of the feel-good stories (e.g: we’d rather read about the pomeranian who killed the infant than read about how Harper has defied all expectations and has been able to go from not being able to move to being able to run. Harper, if you’re unaware of her, is a pit bull. She was on the Today Show this past Tuesday).

No matter how many great stories we find, no matter how awesome dogs are, there will be that hype of “mad dog” instead of “Wiggle Butt!”

I had explained to this person the normal stuff: Petey from “Our Gang”/”Little Rascals,” Sargent Stubby, Judge the Deed not the Breed, stop blaming one fuckwad for an entire breed, they were considered Nanny Dogs, what the fuck do you make of the Vicktory Dogs?!

And I thought maybe there was a small bit of acceptance, but apparently I was wrong and recieved the “the breed worries me” comment. Nyrr.

Jamie reminds me that close-minded folk will always remain that way. You can’t change everyone’s mind (but it’s great when you can). He also pointed out that I should send this person a private message and put them to a challenge:

Go to the shelter and go play with one of the pits. If that doesn’t change your mind, then nothing will.

I’m still pretty irritated though.


*  – this is Roanoke. While there are problems in this area, there are a large amount of people who own pits around here. Seeing a pit is like seeing the Greyhounds over at Petsmart over the weekend.