Meet Cricket!

This past Thursday afternoon, we found ourselves at the RVSPCA and signed the paperwork to take “Puppy” home for two weeks. Everyone was quite excited that we were able to foster again and we got this squirmy little puppy.

We took to calling her “Puppy” while we were trying to figure out what exactly we were going to call her. We were trying to go for something obscure from a book, film, or television show but we couldn’t get past “What the hell what their name?” and “It has to be something remotely pronounceable cos “Daenerys” is hard to pronounce when you’ve never heard it spoken.” We eventually decided to call her “Kiwi” because we just bought a couple kiwis and the fruit is awesome, and the bird is squee-worthy. Plus, she’s brown so it works. But, we attempted to call her Kiwi and it just didn’t work out.

So, now her name is “Cricket.” She hops and bounces like a cricket, and she is also surprisingly loud for such a little dog. Then again, she is a 2-month old puppy and therefore she’s going to be loud. We learned that she has got to be mixed with some sort of hound (her paperwork says “pitbull/unknown”). She’s got the large floppy ears, she’s got the same head-shape and somehow managed to give the same look that Firefly does, and she bays like a beagle (or a coonhound)

We’ve had her for a couple days and she’s interesting. She knows to not go after Ugly, but Snooch is fair game (something we are trying to squash because  it is not safe for a puppy to lop after a cat). Bug is enamored with her, she went insane and had to say hi to the puppy before spazzing out in the kitchen. Cricket stays pretty quiet over the course of the night and she tries so hard to not mess her crate.

Of course we do get a couple accidents, but she is a puppy and that’s ok. Jamie noticed yesterday that she does try to signal when she has to go out. She’s being crate trained and she’s doing rather well.  She is working on having a great recall (and that makes me squee because a good recall is a wonderful thing to have).

We’ve also learned: She is kind of a Browncoat. I cut Firefly on and watched “Shindig” with her, she snuggled up under the blanket and seemed to enjoy watching Jayne more than Mal so I was highly entertained. Cricket is also only a good cuddle monster when you’re playing games if someone else is on the couch and playing with her or you’ve pooped her out sufficiently and have given her a stuffy to keep her occupied. Otherwise, she’ll hop onto whomever has the controller and you will lose a life for your character.

We will have Cricket until October 5th. She is a 2-month old brindle pittie mix. She kind of looks like the puppy version of Miss Zee from Love and a Six-Foot Leash.


2 thoughts on “Meet Cricket!

    • She is a sweet pup, but she doesn’t have her forever home yet. We only get her for two weeks to work with her and make her even more adoptable. I’m hoping that she’ll be able to be adopted very fast when she goes back to the SPCA.

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