Clean all the things!

(because, yes, I am a dork and the “clean all the things” image from this Hyperbole and a Half post cracks me up)

We’re getting a puppy today! No, not to keep, but to foster. The employees at the RVSPCA are very excited to hear that we are able to foster again and were very eager to pull a pittie to evaluate and vet-check so we could borrow him or her for a couple weeks to teach things and love on. Ruth (volunteer coordinator) introduced me to Angie (the new foster coordinator) as “This is Amanda, she is the awesome pit bull foster.” Angie was very excited (because, omg, someone who does pittie fostering. she even wrote down pittie on a post-it note).

So, while we were talking, Tracey (guru of everything, I forget her actual title) and Mary (behaviourist) came in and were very excited we could foster again. They just pulled a pittie puppy and were about to test her. They almost let me bring her home yesterday but Tracey stopped herself and reminded all of us, herself included, that puppy needs a vet check before she can go anywhere. I left and recieved an email a couple hours later saying, puppy has been okayed for foster!

We go by today to pick her up. Currently, all I know is that she is a 2-month old pittie puppy who is brindle (I love brindle dogs, they’re so cute). I’m sure we’ll find out her name later today or get to name her. Overall, we’ll probably give her a goofy nickname and it’ll stick.

So! I will be cleaning All The Things(!!) today in preparation for the puppy who will undoubtedly get into everything. At least it’s not a ton of cleaning (the most is the bedroom and dishes), and I need to remember to put either put the baby gate up at the spare room (because the cat box had to be moved) or just shove Snooch into the bedroom with Uggs for a few hours.


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