Big Train smoothie thing

We have an awesome little ice cream shop down Orange Ave called “Bratchers.” It’s owned and run by a really awesome guy, it’s got a much better atmosphere than the more well known Salem Ice Cream Parlor, and I found that if you ask very nicely, they “split” a scoop into two flavors for you. But, this is also probably because when I was able to get a split-scoop I was hanging out with my aunt and she goes there almost all the time. So, the last time we had hit Bratchers (admittedly, it has been a while), I grabbed a little smoothie thing that sounded interesting and fun to try.

It was a bright green little packet called “Ice Tea, Green Tea Smoothie” by a company called Big Train.  A green tea smoothie. Huh. It’s bizarre, it sounds like fun, and I should try it! What do I do, take it home and toss it in the cabinet for two months.

Night before last, I finally ripped it open and blended it up. The directions request using a blender, which is not necessary if you have a fork or a whisk. And I’d rather spend time washing a whisk or fork than washing the blender and hoping like hell I don’t cut the shit out of my fingers.

It turns into this neon green that looks like Comet paste and fills a regular sized drinking glass maybe halfway. I was a little disappointed by the amount that was made as I thought it would be a bit more, but after trying it, I’m glad it didn’t make more. It tastes like vanilla cake batter. I was a bit disturbed, so I tried it again. Still tastes like cake batter.

Being the kind of person who grew up happily licking the mixing bowl for muffins, brownies, and cakes, this shouldn’t have been a problem. But I was just weirded out. After four rather large sips, I dumped it out, made a face, and rinsed out the blender. Sorry, smoothie company people, but I’ll stick with making my own smoothies.

I went onto their website to check it out and, well, I’m just glad I was on the laptop instead of the desktop PC because the flash killed the laptop speed (and would’ve easily frozen the desktop computer). I was not all happy with their Frame-n-Flash concept (but that’s just me) nor was I thrilled at the “white text on a light pastel purple background” sidebar while surfing a page. I found the Green Tea smoothie thing, it’s under “Dragonfly” and I’m a bit disturbed by the various flavors available. I’m also a bit disturbed that they now offer Protein Shakes. Sorry, I’ll stick with Muscle Milk because it tastes like a Yoohoo mixed with brownie batter.

After a few minutes, I found that the green tea smoothie thing made my stomach hurt. I definitely will not be attempting these again.



On a happier note: Today is Miss Izzy-butt’s birthday. She is one whole year old and will be going to Petsmart to pick a toy sometime this week. This will help us work with her and show off how awesome she is.


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